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«Гуманитарий Юга России» №4 2012

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To readership. The message from the chief editor 11
Zhdanov Y.A. Demonic power of ignorance 13

Modern Russian society

Gorshkov M.K., Sheregy F.E. Russia youth: origins and stages of sociological study  22
Kravchenko S.A. Necessity of humanistically oriented modernization  37
Volkov J.G., Barbashin M.J., Barkov F.A., Vereshchagina A.V., Posuhova O.Y., Serikov A. V., Chernous V. V. About the dream of Russians and citizens of the Rostov region: comparative analysis of the results of the surveys 48

Methodological problems of socio-humanitarian cognition

Vartumyan A.A. About definitions of the humanitarian intellectuals: searches of theoretical justifications 73
Vereshchagina A.V. Institutional changes in the family sphere and demographic prospects of Russia: methodological matrix of research 82
Kurbatov V.I. Network communities in Internet as social constructs 94

Higher education: problems and prospects

Gerasimov G.I., Kunitsina E.V. The genesis of the social significance of pedagogy and pedagogical ideal in the new social reality 103
Stepanov O.V. Teacher’s social security as a condition of form-ing the creative class in modern Russia 119

Socio-political and ethnic processes in the South of Russia

Delokarov K.H., Chadje A.Yu., Chefranov S.G., Kukva E.S. The Russian national identity in the North Caucasus: experience of nonlinear modeling 127
Dzutsev H.V., Habaeva L.M., Gabueva A.R. Public opinion about successful person in the republics of the North Caucasus federal district of Russian Federation 139
Shevchenko O.M. Features of xenophobia in the conditions of formation of statehood: ethnocultural and political-legal markers in the identification of «the others» 153

The word about the scientist

Mendzheritskiy G.A. Cultura – ψυχή – societas. The works of G.P. Predvetchnii – New century 162
Patrakova V.F., Chernous V.V. Historian-innovator, citizen, patriot (Professor of Rostov State University Alexander Pavlovich Pronshteyn)  167


Karpenko N.M. Ethnosocial Cossacks as a phenomenon of mod-ern Russia (according to the survey of the Cossacks of the Don): collective monograph 179

Science life

Yanakova E.V. International Scientific and Practical Conference «Caucasus: reintegrate the cultural space and challenges to re-gional security» 184
Scientific Conference «Methodology, Theory and History of So-ciology» 187
Indikova V.G., Kramarova E.N. Days by name Yuri Andreyevich Zhdanov in IRISP of SFU 190

Books submitted to the journal 202

The team of authors 209

Rules for authors  213

Index of materials published in the journal «Humanities of the South of Russia» in 2012  216


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