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«Гуманитарий Юга России» №1 2014

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To readership p. 9

Modern Russian Society

Toshchenko Zh.T. Phantoms of Contemporary Russian Society p. 12
Volkov J.G. Creativity in the context of formation of Russian identity p. 25
Dyatlov A.V., Gurba V.N. Self-Reliant Development of Social Resources in Russia p. 41
Lubsky R.A. Statehood and Modernization Models in Modern RussiaP. 51

Culture and Globalization

Zaslavskaya M.I. Features of Ethnic Identity Transformation in the Context of Modern Migration Processes p. 67
Komissarov S.N. Sociocultural Factors of Identification (continuation) p. 74
Shahnazarian G.N. The Strategies of Maintaining and Developing of Identity in the Situation of Social Uncertainty p. 89

VIII Zhdanovsky Reading

Kurbatov V.I. Social Dialogue: Conceptual Analysis p. 103
Nechipurenko V.N. Philosophy of Culture of Y.A. Zhdanov: rational and intuitive p. 113

Higher Education: Problems and Prospects

Gerasimov G.I., Lubsky A.V. Dialogue About Paradigm Approach in Education p. 119

Universities and Research Centers of the South of Russia

Patrakova V.F., Chernous V.V. Professor M.R. Hasanov’s scientific school of THE history of Dagestan p. 138


Avdulov N.S. Y.A. Zhdanov about Culture. Rostov-on-Don, 2014 .p. 146
Dyuzhikov S.A. Shevchenko O.M. Nature and Types of Xenophobia: History and Modernity. Rostov-on-Don, 2013 p. 153

Scientific life

Vereshchagina A.V. New Requirements of VAK (Highest Certifying Committee) of the Russian Federation for Defending of Dissertations p. 158
Khachetsukov Z.M. Test for Originality Scientific Texts: Theory and Practice p. 166

Round table

Civilization Knowledge and Education: Challenges of the XXI Century (continued) p. 180

Books submitted to the Journal p. 192

Memo for Author p. 199


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