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Власть 04 за 2010 г.

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D. Rubvalter Development of Federal Contract System of the Russian Federation (p. 4-13)


V. Buldakov, P. Marchenya, S. Razin International Roundtable Discussions «People and Authorities in the Time of Revolt», part 1. (p.14-17)


M. Buttaeva State Policy for Family in Terms of Relations between Family and State  (p.18-20)
D. Suslova The Role of the Expert and Analytical Institutions in the State Policy Development  (p.21-26)
L. Rogacheva Public Organizations and Civil Society  (p.27-30)


R. Gibadullin The Opposition of the Centre and Republics as an Ethno­Political Problem  (p.30-35)
Ts. Batuev The Development of the Legislative Power in Buryat­Mongolian ASSR in 1920s  (p.36-38)
K. Ishekov Implementation of Constitutional and By-Law Provisions Regulating Subordinate Lawmaking of Regional Parliaments (p.39-42)
I. Drobotenko The Municipal Reform in Russia: Problems of Interrelations between Levels of Power (p.43-46) 


N. Azarov Constitutional and Legal Regulation of Migration in the Russian Federation  (p.47-50)
V. Berzin Content and Legal Definition of Industry-Forming Concept of Vine­Making (p.51-55)
M. Panchenko Definition of the Regional International Order: Interdisciplinary Approach  (p.56-59)
O. Sergeyeva Mobile Phone and Changes in Social Hierarchies (p.60-64)


A. Vaseckiy, S. Zuev Cultural Industries as a Significant Political Factor   (p.65-69)
V. Makeev Corporate Culture in an Organization (p.70-73)
A. Danilochkina Development of Views on Creative Individuality during the Renaissance Period  (p.74-78) 


A. Abramenko The Union for Popular Movement (UMP) Party as Contemporary Heirs of Gaullism in France (p.79-83)
E. Polyakova Political Parties at the Beginning of the 20th Century Struggling for Education in Nizhny Novgorod (p.84-86)


S. Kolobova, E. Shichkova Political Socialization of Youth: Gender Aspect  (p.87-90)
I. Potapova The Influence of Educational Policy on Transformational Processes of Higher School through Distant Forms of Education (p.91-94) 


K. Mazin Establishment of Imperial Power and Genesis of Mass Emigration (p.95-101)
M. Apon Official Press as a Medium for Interaction between the Government and the Society in Russia in the Second Half of the 19th Century  (p.102-105)
S. Smirnov Legal Regulation of Foreign Entrepreneurship in Russia in the 19th – the Beginning of the 20th Centuries (p.106-109)
L. Kalmina Economic Strategy of the Autocracy at the Beginning of the 20th Century in Transbaikal Geopolitical Space (p.110-113)
E. Garbuzova Formation of Nobility in Caucasus Cossack Line Host  (p.114-117)
D. Kovaleva State Power and the Bar (N.P. Karabchevsky)  (p.118-120)
M. Esikova Agronomic Services in the Countryside under the New Economic Policy  (p.121-124) 


T. Agafonova, A. Mamychev, V. Popov Juridical Rationality in the Context of Modernization Projects of Domestic Statehood (p.125-128)
O. Muzica, E. Fatyhova Legal Assessment: Problems and Contradictions (p.129-132)
N. Krikorov Respect to Law as a Social and Legal Value (p.133-135) 


A. Vagin The Abuse of Administrative Resource in Electoral Process in Modern Russia (p.136-137)
S. Krekotnev Regional Aspect of Industrial Policy in the Context of Modern Political Science (p.138-139)
A. Shaposhnikov Investigation of Difficult in Access and Distant Regions: Searching for the Methodology (p.140-141)
R. Dzhamalkhanov Border as a Category of Political Science: Basic Approaches (p.142-143)
A. Rubanik The Role of Departmental Organizations in Tourist Activities in 1950–1985s  (p.144-145)
Ye. Andreev Basic Stages in the Development of Geopolitical Theory in Russia  (p.146-147)
I. Shpeka The Role of Social Initiative in the Development of Technical Education in Russia in the Second Half of the 19th – the Beginning of the 20th Centuries  (p.148-149)
N. Sidorova A.N. Golitsin and Baroness Krudener: Aspects of Relationship (p.150-151)
A. Trakhimenok Some Aspects of National Security of Russia  (p.152-153)
E. Ozdemir Formation of Culture of Interreligious Dialogue in the History of Islam (p.154-156) 


G. Pescherov Methodological Approaches to the Process of Armed Forces Reforming, or How to Make Russia Secure (p.157-160) 


A. Soloviev Legal Regulations of Security Provision in Sports (p.161-165)
I. Livanova The Pattern and Peculiarities of International Cooperation of Belgian Regions and Communities (p.166-168) 


М. Gusarova Historical Experience of Formation of Engineering and Technical Intelligentsia in the Higher Education in 1930–40s (p.169-173) 


Ju. Yanovskaya Leading Russian Scientists and Specialists in Labour and Social Policy   (p.174-176)


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