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Власть 09 за 2010 г.

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The Tribune

World Convention of Mongols
B. Bazarov Mongolian World under Conditions of East Asian Cooperation
B. Enkhtuvshin Globalization: Mongolia and Mongols

Roundtable Discussions

V. Buldakov, P. Marchenya, S. Razin International Roundtable Discussions «People and Authorities in the Time of Revolt», part 6

The Main Topic

M. Kurochko Metaphysics of Space and Projectivity  of History
N. Asonov Byzantism and the Russian Government: Lessons and Meanings
A. Babkov Iconography as a Method of Geopolitical Analysis
A. Gatieva Institution   of Education in the Context of Socio-Cultural Meanings and Values of Modern Society
E. Rogova Reflection of Loneliness
V. Derduk Civilizational Security of Russia Nowadays

Political Processes and Practices

L. Gazizova Development of Local Self-Government in the Constituent Entities of the Russian Federation: Factor Approach
M. Butaeva Woman in Modern Society
A. Shelokov Ecological Lobbyism in Modern Russia
E. Kubyakin The Problem of Definition of the Essence of Extreme Guideline of the Youth

Ideas and Meanings

N. Yurchenko Ideology of Modernization of State Governing in the Context of Maintaining of National State Interests of Modern Russia.
N. Ponarina Basic Ideas of  Globalization Concept in Modern Conditions
N. Ponomareva On the Political and Epistemological Orienting Points of Modern Society
V. Suvorov Ethnic and religious views of prince E. Ukhtomskiy
G. Pitulko The reflection of early liberal ideas in debates about the methods of economic policy of England in the first half of the 17th century


А. Аbramov Political Stratification of Society: Analysis of the Approaches
E. Popova Political Aspects of the Concept of Long-Term Local Development
V. Nigmatulin Political and Administrative Elite in the Process of Formation and Implementation of National and Regional Systems of Innovation
Ts. Batuev Activity of the Parliament of Republic Buryatia on the Implementation of the Federal Law on the Local Government
K. Krivorotov Strategic Planning as an Instrument of Informational Support of Activity of Systemic Public Institutions
E. Shagabieva International Non-Governmental Organizations, Types, Specific Features, Characteristics
V. Tsyganov, T. Eltsova Suspension and Resumption of Operation of Statutory Regulations


I. Gazieva Additional Professional Education as a Direction of Civil Servants’ Professional Efficiency Growth

Ethnoses and Confessions

N. Podpryatov Activities of the Authorities on Organization of Service of Non-Ortodox Clergy in Russian Army
V. Semenov Islam and National Tatar Revival in the Beginning of the 21st Century
R. Nurullina The Religious Model of the Republic of Tatarstan: the Role and Place of Islam
T. Litvinova The «Information Jihad» in the Global Net

Domestic Experience

T. Yudina Soviet and Foreign Workers on the USSR Concession Enterprises in 1920–1930s
S. Matveev Struggle against Smuggling in the North-West of Russia: History and the Present State
V. Kustov Foreign Policy Questions Discussed by Russian Parliamentarians on the Eve of February Revolution
S. Sidoruk The Place and the Role of the Officers of Independent Corps of Frontier Guards in Strengthening of Military Discipline
I. Shagdurova On the Issue of General Principles of Governance over Siberian Native Peoples in the Russian Empire         

Power (Conspectus)

V. Kopylov Material and Technical Basis and Scientific and Pedagogical Personnel in Higher School of Kurgan Region in 1945–1950s
N. Obrezkova Realization of Policy of Woman’s  Involvement in Industrial Manufacturing in 1920s
I. Bulatov The Family’s   Role in the Life of O.I. Pantjuhov – the Founder of Russian Scout Movement 


T. Krasilnikova Creation of Mixed Economic Societies and Their Activity in Germany and Russia during the First Quarter of 20th Century
Ju. Bokov The Suffrages of the German Citizens in 1815–1848
G. Chalov Protection of the Moscow State against the Turkish-Tatar Aggression. Defense of Tula in 1552


G. Filippov It's Time to Move Forward


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