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Власть 06 за 2011 г.

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K.Gadzhiev To the Question of Russian Geopolitical Identity in the Modern World

The Main Topic

Russian Development Strategy in Expert Community View

Political Processes and Practices

A. Zaitsev Structure and Polyfunctionality Of Institutional Dialogue in the Sociopolitical Discourse of Power and Society
N. Gubina, Ch. Misbakhova Specific Features in Activity of Municipality in the Period of Economic Crisis
A. Bushuev “Choose or lose!”: Election Campaign of 1996 and the Russian Youth
A. Gorunov, A. Nikishkin Attributive Signs of Social Innovations
L. Karanatova Contract Awards as an Innovation Policy Tool in the Russian Federation: Functions, Specific Features, Mechanism
L. Pastukhova Problems of Youth Political Participation
G. Shinyak Employees of Culture Branch in Modern Russian Village: Social and Professional Characteristics


E. Bodrova Social and Historical Determinants of Innovation Policy of the Russian Federation
V. Kalinov Major Conditions of Formation of the National Innovation System in the Russian Federation
A. Yakovlev Legitimation of Political Power: Traditional and Innovative Models
O. Besschetnova Foster Family as an Object of the State Family Policy
T. Vorobjeva Bringing up of Socially Responsible Persons: Common Efforts of Higher Education Establishments and Educational Institutes for Orphans and Children without Parental Care
V. Lizunov Historical Role of Cultural Landscape in the Modern Socio-Cultural Life and Social Management
V. Kozelskiy Regulatory Mechanisms of Public Finances
I. Jegiev Geopolitical Risks of Caucasian-Caspian Region Pipeline Projects

Security and Society

Yu. Dorogkin, A. Bikovski Shadow Political Elite Groups in Post-Soviet Russia
D. Gadjiev, M. Gadjiev Corruption: All-Russian and Regional Aspects
S. Kotov Neofascism as an Opportunity in the Context of Modern Situation
I. Dmitriev What the Islamic Terrorism Is? Коммуникации и общество Communications and Society
O. Mironova The Role of Language Education in Students’ Professional Socialization
V. Strugovetz The CIS Information Policy: Flashback and Future Prospect

Ideas and Meanings

I. Dronov Anti-Bourgeois Complex of Conservative Consciousness in the end of the 19th Century
N. Baranetz, A.Verevkin, O. Ershova On Ideology and Ideologizing of Science
T. Еvlapova Invariability of Patriotism as an Idea
V. Tikhonovа Power as an Object of Political Leadership


G. Lysenko Subjects of Civil Society in Modern Russia
I. Gazieva The Professionalism of Civil Servants: Problem Features


A. Solovyev Systematization of Legislation as Continuous Process: Functional and Ontological Cycle

The Jubilee

L. Kuras The Rise of Buryat National Movement. Political Groups and Congresses of Buryats in 1905–1906
V. Bazarova Formation of «School Nationalization» Policy in Buryat-Mongolia
S. Baldano Formation of National Intelligentsia and Buryat Art Culture from the 18th to the Beginning of the 20th Century

Domestic Experience

A. Kalinin Soviet Military Administration in Germany and its Activity for Demilitarization of the Soviet Occupation Zone in 1945–1949
N. Kutalevskiy Cooperation of Zemstvos with Social and Political Organizations in the Process of Implementation of the Volost Zemstvo Reform of the Provisional Government
N. Biyushkina Specific Features in Internal Political Course of Alexander III
S. Krasnov Cossack Atamans Responsibility according to Customary Law of the Don Cossacks in the Second Half of the 19th Century
B. Tuaeva, O. Ataev Individual and Public Civil Initiatives in the Social Sphere in Russia at the beginning of the 20th century (on example of Tersky region)
V. Ermakov Municipal Public Banks and Philanthropy in Prikamye Персона Personality
O. Kuznetsov The Caucasus in R.A. Fadeev’s Geopolitical Plans (1860 – the beginning of 1880s)
A. Galymicheva From the Russian Emigration History: G. Fedotov and E. Kuzmina-Karavaeva (Mother Maria) at the Crossroads of their Destinies

World Order

D. Korshunov Modern U.S. Foreign Policy towards Russia Форум Forum
N. Laktionova The New States of Post-Soviet Space: Tendencies of Development (Review of Round Table Discussions)


M. Surovtzeva The Review of the book of P.I. Simush Titled «Navigator of Noosphere L.N. Tolstoy»


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