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Arrangement of Russia: Challenges and Risks

E. Russkova, E. Zakharchenko Problems and Priorities of Innovative Development of Russia p.4
S. Metelev Russia in the WTO: the Conditions of Entry and First Results p.8
I. Gladkov To the New Stage of Two-side Trade between the European Union and the Russian Federation p.14
E. Tikhonovich, T. Chigareva Tariff Policy in Russia under Conditions of WTO: Preparation and Realization p.19
T. Beydina Evaluation of the Political Power and Political System in a Constituent Entity of the Russian Federation p.22
E. Strogetskaya Assessment of Universities` Activities in the Context of Challenges and Risks for the Russian Modern Higher Education System p.26
E. Samokhvalova Life Situation of Young Men Living in Rural Areas p.30

Political Processes and Practices

V. Gostenina, A. Kostenko, E. Lupenkova, N. Svitaylo Regularities and Tendencies of Electoral Processes on the Post-Soviet Space p.35
S. Bogatyirev Political Elites of the Russian Federation and Ukraine: Similarity and Distinctions in Approaches to Modernization p.40
A. Belyaev, E. Tarasov The Trend of Absenteeism in the Modern Russian Society p.43
R. Bocharov Prevention of Political Extremism and Terrorism among Youth p.46

Education and Society

R. Gotlib Social and Administrative Measures on Modernization of Language Education in the Modern Russia p.50
Ju. Kaneyeva Role of Continuing Education on Formation of Professional Identity of Public Servants p.53
D. Makarov, O. Еgunova Interactive Technologies in Activities of a Modern Museum and their Influence on Culture and Education p.56

Church, Society, State

V. Katin Church and Authority in Russia p.59
N. Baranetz, A. Verevkin, E. Fedoseyeva About the Ideological Conflict between Science and Theology p.63

Ideas and Meanings

E. Eltanskaya Semantic Aspect of Power Category in Institutional Discourse p.68
L. Abaeva Axiological Dominants of Buryat’s ethnic group in the Mongolian Republic p.72
A. Breslavskiy Geopolitical Images of Mongolia through the Lens of the Buryat Mass-Media Discourse (2000–2011) p.76
D. Fediay Dangerous Things from the Philosophic Point of View p.79


S. Rastorguev Comparative Content-Analysis of Governors' Reports in 2012 p.82
A. Fesyun Methods and Instruments of Realization of State Innovation Policy in the Sphere of Nanotechnologies p.92
V. Davyidenko, R. Akhmedzyanova The Role of Trust in Regulation of Relations among Partners in Consumer Market p.96
D. Eremeev, V. Slepova System of Interaction of Regional and Municipal Executive Authorities as an Important Resource of Local Self-government Development p.100
N. Shalayeva The Problem of the Cult of Personality of Vladimir I. Lenin p.104
V. Ratnikov Current State in the Fight of Government Bodies of the Russian Federation against Drug Contraband p.109
S. Rogov Historical Development of Auto-Technical Supplying in Government Bodies of the Russian Federation p.112


V. Stegniy, A. Puchkov Information Processes in a Higher Education Institution as a Factor of Efficiency of «Teacher – Student» Interaction p.115
D. Abakarov Quality of Civil Servants` Professionalism in the Context of Social Changes p.124
O. Posuhova Dream Job: the Comparative Analysis of Views of Inhabitants of Rostov region and Russia as a Whole p.130 I. Dolinina Political Culture of Students: Are they Ready for Citizen Participation? p.135
B. Zalivansky Urban Community`s Perception of Municipal Mass Media p.139
G. Popov, Ju. Kalinicheva, A. Runov Business Communications and Efficiency of Personnel Management in Editorial House p.144 
N. Peshkova Role of Civil Society in Motivation to Charity p.148
I. Presnyakova-Osipova Mode and Quality of Life of a Family p.152


S. Safina Foundations of Legal Status of a Person in Constitutions of Republics within the Russian Federation p.156
D. Veliyeva The Constitutional and Legal Responsibility of the Russian State in the Sphere of Ensuring Environmental Security p.160
M. Presnyakov Discretionary Powers and Legal Definiteness p.163
Z. Egorova, A. Iglin Financial and Legal Regulation of Labor Relations of Sportsmen p.167

Domestic Experience

B. Jalsanova Responsibility of Officials of Self-government Authority of Buryats in the 19th Century p.170
T. Kobzeva Local Self-government and Cooperative Movement in Simbirsk Province in the early 20th Century p.173
I. Tcyrempilova Buryat-Mongolian Eparchy in 1924–1934: the Experience of the Regional Renewal Movement p.177

Foreign Experience

E. Lazukova The Recruitment and Career of Public Servants p.181

Focus on Politics

A. Nesterov Non-traditional Threats to the Russian Military Security in Conditions of NATO`s Modernization p.186

Our Correspondents

E. Grigorieva, I. Sitdikov Is Electronic Publication Easy? p.189
V. Mosin Rating of 100 Most Influential Inhabitants of Tula: Principles of Composition p.191


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