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Власть 12 за 2013 г

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Table of Contents

Arrangement of Russia: Challenges and Risks

V. Nazarov Strategic Planning as the Most Important Factor of Increasing the Efficiency of State Management p. 4
S. Lavrentyev Political Parties and Post-Secular Syndrome in the Modern Russia p. 12
A. Kerimov Metamorphosis of the Modern Russian Electoral System p. 17
I. Melamed, A. Abramov, M. Prokop’eva, S. Koroteev, S. Reznik The Role of the Far Eastern Federal University in the Development of Eastern Russia p. 20
E. Degaltseva, A. Shaykhudinova Trade Unions in Education: the Mission is (im)possible p. 25
S. Rastorguev Models of Interrelations between Business and Government in Modern Russia p. 30

Political Processes and Practices

V. Sapryika, I. Shapovalova, L. Shmigirilova Practice of the Civil Expertise System Formation in the Modern Russia p. 35
N. Kozlova, S. Rassadin Discursive Effects of Modernization: Woman Question as a Mechanism for the Women Integration in Society of Modern p. 40
A. Shaov, A. Mokrushin, V. Nekhay Economic Globalization as a Social and Integrative Factor of Contemporary Ethnos of Adygea p. 45
E. Malyishev Problems of Development of the Institute of the Ombudsman on Human Rights in the Russian Federation p. 51

Communications and Society

M. Kutcheryavy Main Directions of the Russian State Policy in the Field of Providing the International Information Security p. 54
A. Sokolov, I. Maklashin Features of the Internet Space as a Platform for Interaction p. 60
I. Khlyitchiev Economic Forums in Russia as Effective GR-Communication Channels p. 63
E. Kalakova, G. Zharkova Role of Information Security in Training of Specialists of Financial and Economic Colleges p. 68


L. Grigoryev Civic Chamber of a Region: Problems and Prospects of Development p. 71
A. Zuykina Inter-budget Transfers Distribution and Models of Interaction between Regional Government and Municipalities p. 76
A. Temirbulatov Transnational Corporations and Geopolitical Strategies of the USA in the Caspian region p. 80
V. Khomenkov About Essence of Professional Communication among Officers of the Russian Federation Armed Forces p. 84
A. Soboleva Symbolic Functions of Food in the Modern Politics p. 87


V. Zakharov Approaches to Determining the Efficiency of Public Servants` Activity p. 91
E. Petrova Demographic Processes in the Republic of Buryatia p. 96
O. Posukhova Professional Dynasty as a Result of Family Strategies: Is It Inertia or Succession? p. 100

Political Science

K. Gadzhiev The Contemporary American Conservatism: Social and Cultural Aspects p. 104
A. Kirsanov, A. Litvinova Theoretical Bases and Approaches to Investigation of the Social and Cultural Determinants in Forming of Youth Subcultures p. 109
E. Shakirova The General Idea of Structure and Dynamics of the Modern Social and Cultural Space p. 113
A. Yudin Models of Modern Social Policy of a State: Problems of Formation and Realization p. 117


Ju. Gavrilova The Sense of Right: Philosophical and Legal Problems of Defining the Concept p. 121
N. Akhmetova Conflict of Interests in Public Service p. 124
A. Rogov, Ju. Fedotova State Security: the Element or the Content of the National Security of the Russian Federation p. 128

Ideas and MeaniIngs

O. Litzenberger Anti-Catholicism in Russia as Negatively Marked Ideologem: Historical and Political Phenomenon p. 133
Z. Zhade Geopolitics and Identity: Intersection of Subject Fields of Researches p. 137
A. Goryunov, L. Potanina, E. Shabalkina Social and Cultural Identity as a Project p. 143
V. Kapets Humanistic Dimension of Power p. 146
N. Ilinova Humanitarization of Education as Strategic Factor of Modernization of the Contemporary Russian Society p. 150

Domestic Experience

A. Nikolaev Transformation of Regional Governance Model: Historical Experience p. 153
V. Rabinovich Ethnicity as a Public Marker p. 159
K. Shneyder, A. Vasilyeva Construction of a Tradition in Russia in the Second Half of the 17th Century: Discourse of Power p. 163
T. Yaroslavtseva Realization of the State Policy in the Housing and Utilities on the Far East p. 168
V. Bazarova On the Issues of Indigenization in National Autonomies of the Eastern Siberia in 1920s–1930s. p. 174
S. Kuras Reflection of Issues of the Penitentiary System in the «Prison Gazette» Journal p. 178

Foreign Experience

Chzhan Tsue, Li Fanmin Forced Socialization from the Perspective of the Chinese Sociology of Law p. 182
M. Shamkhalov Main Types of Local Self Government p. 187


D. Sofjin Moscow Governor-General Grand Duke Sergey Alexandrovich p. 192
B. Akayeva Modern Approaches to Studying Civil Society in Russian and Kyrgyz Specialists` Works p. 196


O. Yanitsky «New Middle Class» – Who Is This? p. 199

To the Memory

L. Fokina A.P. Butenko and His Theoretical and Ideological Heritage p. 203
N. Laktionova He Was Thinking about the Mission of a Scientist... p. 205

Our Correspondents

E. Grigorieva, V. Kamyshan, I. Sitdikov The Editor's Notes p. 207


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