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«Гуманитарий Юга России» №2 2012

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To readership. The message from the chief editor 11

Modern Russian society

Gorshkov M.K. «Russian dream» in the mirror of sociology 13
Kravchenko S.A. The formation of complex socium: the demand for new approaches in researching it  29
Marshak A.L. Culture as the condition of formation of social partnership in modern Russian society 46

Methodological problems of socio-humanitarian cognition

Degtyaryov A.K. Shcherbakova L.I. Criticism of political correctness and real search of the social consent  53

Philosophy and society

Zolotukhina-Abolina H.V. Transpersonal philosophy of XX century about man (S. Grof and K.Wilber)  63
Tumaykin I.V. Ideology of consuming as a result of interiorization of western culture’s ideologems 72

Culture and globalization

Belousov V.M. Economic ideology: evolution, structure, functions, intersubjects aspects 81
Vaskov M.A. The importance of the western and eastern management invariants for the transformation of the management culture of the Russian business environment 97
Shevchenko O.M. The factors of xenophobia growth in conditions of cultural globalization 104

Higher education: problems and prospects

Dugin A.G. The Euroasian educational canon as means of overcoming of crisis in sphere of education 116
Karamurzov B.S. Problems of the formation of russian’s socialcultural identity: the mission of the university and modern realities 126

Socio-political and ethnic processes in the South of Russia

Barbashin M.Yu. Ethno-genesis in Local Communities in the South of Russia in prerequisite of the Transitive Social Transformations 141
Dzuced H.V. Еhe public opinion of north Ossetia-Alania citizens about the Russian presidential elections 152
Mustafayev M.B., Mustafayeva M.G. The problems of forming culture and psychology of behavior in modern poly-ethnic urban environment 158
Tsogoeva F.B. North Ossetia-Alania in the framework of modernization of state-confessional relations 167
Shakhbanova M.M. Inocultural influence and its reflection on ethnic health of minority peoples 181

Towards a doctoral thesis

Barkov F.A. Civil activity, solidarity and self-organization in the context of Russian pattern of civil society 193
Isakova Y.I. The civil control in system of democratic relations in the Russian society: prospects of development 203
Korshunov A.V. The policy of national security as a major factor of spiritual security support in Russia  210

Universities and research centers of the South of Russia

Popov E.A., Cramorova E.N. On the activities of the Center of system and regional researches and forecasting of IPPK SFU ISPI Russian academy of sciences 218

The word about the scientist

Akaev V.K. Philosophical foundation of the culturological theory of Zhdanov J.A. and Davidovich V.E.  225
Lubsky A.V., Chernous V.V. In memory of the teacher: 90th anniversary of professor Y. I. Seriy 231
A.A. Filatova The idea of cognitive culture in the works of E.Y. Rezhabeck 237


Chernous V.V., Msoeva F.B. Book review: V.D. Dzidzoev «The South Ossetian people’s struggle for national self-determination. 1917 – 1990 years» (political and legal aspects) 243

List of doctoral dissertations defended in the departments of IRIPS of SFU 247

Scientific life 261

The books received by edition 269

The collective of authors 273

Requirements to articles 278


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