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«Гуманитарий Юга России» №1 2013

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To readership. The message from the chief editor  9

Modern Russian society

Gorshkov M.K. Civil society and civil consciousness in modern Russia 12
Toshchenko J.T. New trends in the development of Russian socioilogy 23
Pusko V.S. State’s Scientific and technical potential: problems of formation and development 37
Stradze A.E. The paradox of social activity in the Russian society  44

Methodological problems of socio-humanitarian cognition

Kumykov A.M. Social amnesia in the foreshortening of social philosophy  57
Kurbatov V.I. Symbolic virtual network thinking: a new epoch or epoch of the news 64
Lubsky A.V. Intellectual situation in Russian historical science at the turn of the century 75

Higher education: problems and prospects

Astvatsaturova M.A., Chekmenev D.S. Politico-managerial and organizational management segment of education system discourse: (motivational and value orientation in the local context)  92
Tkhagapsoev Kh.G. About the development strategy of education in modern Russia 103

Socio-political and ethnic processes in the South of Russia

Badmaev V.N. Kalmyk ethnicity in the transcultural space of the South of Russia 120
Tsogoeva F.B. Religion as a factor influencing adaptation, integration (disintegration) civil persons in modernizing society  130

Towards a doctoral thesis

Zhapuev Z.A. Reinstitutionalization of social memory as a factor in the consolidation and restoration of social immunity of Russian society in the context of modernization 139
Krivopuskov V.V. Confidence in the Russian society in the post-soviet period: dynamic characteristic 150

Universities and research centers of the South of Russia

Ataev A.V. On the information and analytical center of Russian Institute of Strategic Research in Rostov-on-Don 159


Dmitriev A.V. The monograph Volkov Yu. G. "Creativity: Creativity versus simulation". M.: Alpha-M, 2013 167
Yenin M.N. The collective monograph "Twenty years of reforms in Russia through the eyes of the inhabitants of the Rostov Region" published by a collective of Southern Russian Department of the Institute of Sociology of RAS 173

Books submitted to the Journal  176

The collective of authors  184

Rules for authors 188


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