«Гуманитарий Юга России» №2 2013

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To readership p. 9

Modern Russian society

Baranov P. Ways and prospects for the modernization of the constitutional law of the Russian Federation p. 11
Grinberg R. Major challenges of turbulent world p. 22

Philosophy and society

Avdulov N. Invitation for humanism p. 29
Vorontsov D. Femininity representation in the works Anton Chekhov: gender of Chekhov's the soul p. 38
Mirskaya L. Postmodern: Discourse excessive sensuality p. 46

Socio-political and ethnic processes in the South of Russia

Barkov F., Serikov A., Chernous V. Patriotic consciousness of youth of the Rostov region p.  58
Ozerov A. Socio-cultural and development of Southern Russia ethnopolitical: technology design p. 77
Tetuev A. Karachay-Balkar diaspora in Central Asian countries: demographic and migration processes p. 85

Universities and research centers of the South of Russia

Starostin A., Ponedelkov A., Pustovalova N. The Institute of Scientific School in contemporary political science and education (for example, school of Rostov regional political elitology) p. 100
Yusupova G. The regional center of ethno-political research DSC RAS: formation and research activities p. 116

The word about the scientist

Akayev V. Ahmed Ibragimovich Osmanov – moral and intellectual person p. 127
Chernous V. Philosophical quest Mustafa Solzhenitsyn Bilalova (for the 65th anniversary of his birth) p. 133


Bilalov M. Keligov M. HOMO SAPIENS: transitory phenomenon p. 137
Dyuzhikov S., Vereshchagina A., Lubskiy A., Popov A. New ideas in sociology. Monograph / Min. Ed. J.T Toshchenko p. 140

Scientific life (at a meeting of the international scientific conference "Trust in the interaction of ethnic, regional and all-Russian identity")

Kasyanov V. Interaction of cultures in Globalization p. 147
Lubskiy A. Geo-ideological paradigm and geo-ideological perspectives of Eurasian studies p. 152
Chernobrovkina N., Ovsyannikova A. Cross-border regionalization in the Eurasian region p. 161

Books submitted to the Journal p. 168

The collective of authors p. 177

Rules for authors p. 181

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