«Гуманитарий Юга России» №3 2013

«Гуманитарий Юга России» №3 2013

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To readership p. 9

Towards the International Scientific Conference «Trust in collaboration ethnic, regional and all-Russian identity» (October 14 – 20, Yerevan, Armenia)

Gorshkov M.K. The state's role in the preservation and development of national and civic identity and confidence-building in the context of global processes p. 11
Degtyarev A.K. The socio-cultural trauma in the formation of the Russian identity p. 26
Kurbatov V.I., Krupenikova L.Sh. Euroasian dialogue: conceptual analysis .p. 36
Nemchina V.I. National and cultural collective identities in the globalizing world p. 45

Modern Russian society

Dobaev I.P., Anisimova N. Reasons and main vectors of Islam’s politi-zation and radicalization in Russian Federation p. 52
Pogosyan L.A. The influence of socialization, adaptation and identification on the formation of the political culture of the youth p. 65

Philosophy and society

Vodenko K.V. Sociocultural legitimation of scientific knowledge in the religious philosophy of the Renaissance and Reformation p. 74
Zarubin A.G. About the problem of time in V.I. Vernadsky's philosofy p. 83

Culture and globalization

Lubsky A.V., Lubsky R.A. Statism and paternalism as cultural markers of civilizational identity in Russia p. 90

Higher education: problems and prospects

Bondar N.S. Legal education as a constitutional value: combination of public and personal started p. 104
Klyucharyev G.A. Continuing education in the context of globalization and search for identity p. 111

Universities and research centers of the South of Russia

Dudarev S.L. The 50th anniversary of the Caucasus studies school of V. Vinogradov p. 117

Conference of the European Sociological Association «The crisis, criticism and change» (28 – 31 August, Turin, Italy)

Volkov Y.G. Creative class: the logic of social formation p. 128
Kravchenko S.A. The formation of a complex society: for humanistic twist .p. 141


Yusupovа G.I. Barbashin M. Institutions and ethnogenesis: institutional reproduction of ethnic identity in the local communities p. 147

Scientific life

Ageeva E.A. Some results of the III International scientific-practical conference «Caucasus: History and Modernity» (Pyatigorsk, 26-27 September 2013) p. 151
Vereschagina A.V. Dissertation Council D 212.208.01 in 2012: scientif-ic innovation and the practice p. 155

Books submitted to the Journal p. 167

The collective of authors p. 177

Rules for authors p. 181