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41. Galina Saganenko, Elena Stepanova. Influence of Time on Character and Results of Research and Learning In: Fluidity in Memory, Place and Time edited by Duygu Kalkan Açıkkapı, IRF Press Warsaw 2017. P. 37-45.

42. Natalya P. Grishaeva, Svetlana V. Proskurina. The Problems of Socialization of Modern Preschool children and Primary Schoolchildren // (Un)Making Europe: Capitalism, Solidarities, Subjectivities: View from Russia / [Electronic resource]: collected papers. 13th Conference of the European Sociological Association (Un)Making Europe: Capitalism, Solidarities, Subjectivities / Editor-in-Chief V. Mansurov. Moscow: RSS, 2017. – 355 p. Pp. 141-147. 1 СD ROM; 12 sm – system requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/10 – Title from disk label

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