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Власть 12 за 2010 г.

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Sociologist Michael K. Gorshkov


V. Dines, A. Nikolaev Socio-Economical Consequences of Ethnic Migration in Context of Modernization
M. Ayupov Political Process in modern Russia:  Real Politics or Effective PR Technologies?

Political Processes and Practices

Y.Shabanov Social Policy of the Russian State in the First Post-Soviet Decade
P. Tarysin The Functional and Departmental Elites as a Subject of  Public Policy
V. Kharitonova Types of Clientelistic Groups in Civil Service of the Russian Federation
O. Orlinskaya Current Procedure of Replacement of the Post of the Head of a Constituent Entity of the Russian Federation
M. Matrosova In Search of the Efficient Strategies of Political Communication
A. Anufrieva Specificity of Party Mechanism of Ideological and Mobilizing Support of Authority Course in Russia
A. Yudina The Features of Organization of Public Relations in the Virtual Reality Context
V. Shevchenko Political Problem of the State Service Quality on the Regional Level
V. Sakaev The demographic policy in modern Russia: approaches to definition of the targets
V. Filippov Formation of the Russian State Policy towards Compatriots Living Abroad
V. Paramonova City Social Space: the Reflection in the Names of the Streets
L. Shvachkina Christian Humanity and a Practice of Mercy
L. Shalimova On the Nature of the Modern Crisis in Russia


Yu. Aleshin Interdependency of National and Collective Safety of the CIS: Normative Legal Basis
O. Mikhailionok Political Aspects of Informational Safety of a Person
M. Archakov Psychological Features of Political Extremism
P. Kornilov The Third World War as Described in Russian Vass Media

Army and Society

I. Yemelyanov Evolution and Specific Features of the Armed Forces as a Legitimate Instrument of State Violence

Information and Society

I. Kiryanov, S. Kornienko, D. Gagarina, I. Ryabukhin Information Resource on Russian Parliamentary History of the Beginning of the 20th Century


V. Tzyganov Bologna Process and a Quality of Juridical Education in Russia
I. Kurtsev The System of Postgraduate Education
J. Metelev Socio-Philosophical Aspects of Migration
N. Zajtseva Deinstitutionalization of Children-Orphans and Children without Parental Support in the Context of the Social Policy in Moscow
T. Chmyireva Institutional and Resource Aspects of Analysis of Social Institutions and Agents in the Process of Prevention of Juvenile Deviancy

Ideas and Meanings

O. Andrushenko Multidimensional Basis of Organizational Commitment
T. Agafonova The Factor of Rationality and the Legal Time in the Context of Political and Legal Processes
N. Averina Specific Features of Simulation of Socio-Historical Processes


L. Shadrina To the Issue of Efficiency of Social Technology of Realization of the Power
A. Pokida Specific Features of Patriotic Feelings of the Russians
A. Nesterova Religious Organizations in the Context of Civil Society Formation


E. Pushkarev Criteria of Effectiveness of Political and Legal Interaction in Management
M. Lipchanskaya Improvement of the Mechanism of Citizens' Participation in Formation of Executive Bodies of Constituent Entities of the Russian Federation

Domestic Experience

E. Nikitina Special Features and the Main Stages of Formation of Civil Society in Russia
O. Salov White Guard Movement: to the Issue of the Origin of the White Guard Idea
E. Tyraeva The History of Legal Regulation of Criminal-Law Institute of Accompliceship in Russia in 1917–1922
I. Beloborodova Historical Experience in the State Management of Forest Tenure on the Russian North in the 19th – the Beginning of the 20th Centuries
V. Bazarova Formation of Scientific and Public Linguistic and Cultural Organizations in Buryat-Mongolia in 1920s.

Foreign Experience

V. Bogorov, M. Korolkov Performance-Oriented Budgeting: the Experience of the OECD Countries and Lessons for Russia
T. Tzyirenova Political and Legal Aspects of the Protection of Water Resources in Mongolia
S. Starkin The Formation of Analytical Institutes of American Intelligence Sector: Conceptual Approaches of S. Kent


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