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Власть 06 за 2010г.

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A. Galkin Thoughts about Transformation of Modern Political System of Russia


V. Buldakov, P. Marchenya, S. Razin International Roundtable Discussions «People and Authorities in the Time of Revolt», part 3


V. Potekhin The Development of Power Relations as a Condition of Modernization of Administrative Activity
L. Kleshchevnikova Modern Trends in Formation of Executive Power in the Russian Federation
R. Temresov Information and Communication Technologies as a Resource for Political Power in a Situation of Political Globalization
V. Rodionova
The Technologized Social Practices and the Ideology of Consumer Society
S. Kolobova,  E. Shichkova, Yu. Sherstneva Gender and Educational Factors of Development of  Civil Society in Modern Russia


E. Gluhov, V. Korjakin, O. Azamov Administrative and Legal Means to Prevent  Corruption in the Sphere of Social Guarantees for Military Men
L. Proshak To the Problem of Reducing Spiritual and Informational Risks in Modern Society
A. Bezrukova Problems of National Security in the South of Russia
E. Pluzhnikov Public Danger of New Religious Movements and Priorities in Measures to Overcome It.
A. Tonkonogov Informational and Psychological Security in the System of Spiritual Security of Modern Russia
V. Semenov Anti-Extremist Activity of the Muslim Religious Organizations of the Volga Region


T. Ivanova The Constituent Entities in the State Government System of Social and Economic Development of the Russian Federation
M. Baldano Two-Way Influence of Ethno-Cultural And Ethno-Political Processes in Russia in 1990s
A.Butova Regional Factors of the State Demographic Policy
V. Gusev Development of the Saratov Region Energy Complex in Conditions of Modernization


M. Mamonov Expectation-Based Measurement of Electoral Process
L. Antonova The Necessity to Improve the Structure of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation
S. Kravchuk Historical  Experience of Interaction of the Soviet State Bodies, Organizations, and Civil Population with Border Guard Service in the Field Of Border Guarding in the Far East in 1960s–1980s
S. Ivanov Instruments of Administrative Influence in the Socially Oriented Organizations
D. Kataev The Outburst of Ethnic Nationalism in Europe


R. Tambiev Theoretical and Methodological Basis of the Analysis of State Power
T. Shirokova Conceptual Sources and Framework of the Theory of Ethnic Identity
Yu. Dorogkin, U. Ahunov Democracy in Representation of Political Elites of the Post-Soviet Russia in B. Yeltsin's Epoch
E. Dashibalov The Basis of  Euraziystvo: Nomadic Migration to the East
I. Gibadullin Mortaza Motahhari and the Ideology of Islamic Revolution in Iran
R. Gibadullin The Problem of the Union of Nations in The Post-Soviet Discourse of Federalism: Fiction or the Ideological Principle?


A. Soloviev The Concept of Sport from the Legal Point of View
Ju. Pospelova The Community of Fishermen in the Cross-Cultural Interpretation
V. Berzin The State Government in Wine-Making Industry
M. Sharipov Globalization and Crisis of World Civilization


S. Lyovin A Peasant Community in the Works of Statisticians of Zemstvo
M. Shamhalov The Importance of the Reform of Zemstvo for Formation of Ideas of Local Government
E. Bulyulina Local Powers: District Executive Committees and Soviets in Villages of Lover Volga Region in 1920s
O. Kazhanov The Election to the Second Duma in Pre-Revolutionary Russia: Oral Agitation in the Focus of Supervision


N. Rybalko The Government in Towns of Russia in the Time of Revolt at the Beginning of the 17th Century
E. Komandzhaev  Kalmyk Administrative System According to The Regulations of 1847
N. Archebasova Educational Institutions of the Ministry of State Property
L. Kuras Maria Mikhailovna Sakhyanova, Elbek-Dorzhi Rinchino and Mongol Revolution in 1921
A. Tarasov The Mass-Media in Post-War Germany


S. Gamzalov The Relations between Russia and Germany: the Specificity and Perspectives of Development



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