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Власть 04 за 2011 г.

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A. Kuzmina The Content and Functions of Modern Law Enforcement Culture

Political Processes and Practices

A. Kazakov  The Agenda for the Future Members of the State Duma
E. Zhilinskiy Cluster Approach to Innovative Development of the Russian Public Health Sphere
V. Ter-Akopyan Institutional Strategies of Subjects of Social Audit
Ju. Kosintzeva, F. Strachkova Innovation in Regional Educational System: Issues of Diffusion
A. Konchugov, I. Kopylov Social Policy in the Military Sphere
N. Zaytzeva Basic Directions of Public Social Policy in behalf of Children
M. Butaeva Family in the Context of Modern Problems of Transformation in Russia
N. Vlasov Peculiarities Of Professional Self-Determination and of Job Placement of Russian Students

Ideas and meanings

A. Paltsev The Fundamental Values of the Eurasian (Russian) Civilization
I.Rogov Empire and Political State: Problems of Identification
O. Milyukova Political Identity in Conditions of Social Transformation
F. Damindarova , G. Ismagilova The Problems of Actualization of Spiritual-Moral Traditions in the Sphere of Culture and Education
Sh. Shamhalov Essential Characteristics of New Liberalism as an Ideoligical and Political Platform of Cadets
Ju. Chernyakhovskaya Russia and the Problem of Deideologization in Historical and Political Conception of Strugatsky Brothers


V. Savinkov Formation of an Information-Oriented Society is a Priority of the State Policy of the Russian Federation
E. Rudakova Potential of Natural Resources as an Aspect of Russian National Security
K. Tumakova Marketing of Territories in the Discourse of Social and Spatial (Regional) Identification and Image Positioning
A. Trushina Representative Character of the Higher Chamber of Russian Parliament
I. Agakishiev The Activity of Russian Oil Company Lukoil in Azerbaijan in 1990s
A. Ermolaeva New Records Management Rules in Federal Executive Authorities: Problems of Application


Ye. Strigankova Methodology of Foreign Communication Studies in Political Practices Investigation
N. Kuznetsova Social-Communicative Aspects of Interaction of Power and Society


N. Dergunova, V. Oshkin Efficiency Factors of Regional Political Elite
M. Kashina Political Consequences of Ambivalence in Defining the Object and Methodology of Gender Researches

Domestic Experience

M. Galas State-Institutional and Social Adaptation of Repatriates and Re-Evacuated Refugees in Russia in the 1920s
T. Samsonenko Social Institutions of Collectivized Villages in the South of Russia in the Fight against Child Homelessness in 1930s
А. Goryanov Paternalism as one of the Bases of Manorial Country Estate Existence in Russia in the 18th – the 19th Centuries
D. Salfetnikov Rationalization Processes and Problems of the Stakhanov Movement in the Kuban region in the 1930s
M. Petaukina, A. Lyalina Volga Region: the Characteristic of the Feminist Movement in the Period of Revolution of the 1905–1907
P. Multatuli On the Issue of the Character of the World War I for Russia
S. Lyovin Zemstvo’s Statisticians at the Congresses of Natural Scientists and Doctors
M. Kazanin The Participation of the Russian Federation in Providing Military Security of the People’s Republic of China


T. Tsyrenova Buryatia in the System of Political and Legal Principles of Protection of Water Resources in the Russian Federation
L. Kuras The National and Agrarian Movement of Buryats at the Beginning of the 20th Century
B. Zhalsanova Аctivity of Public Servants of Self-Government Authorities in the Buryat Society in the 19th – the Beginning of 20th Centuries

World Order

O. Plotnikova International Connections of Regions of States: Actuality and the Degree of Researching the Problem
O. Chernobay Formation and Development of International Contacts of a New Formation in Regions of the Russian Federation in 1990s
A. Kolobov , O. Khohlysheva Power and Operational Abilities of the UN in Conflict Management

Young Authors

S. Petrov Russian Political Elite: the Spiritual Dimension
Ju. Harlamova Information as the Most Important Instrument of Modern State Politics
A. Nechaeva Forming of Partnerships between Authority and Small and Medium-Sized Business
S. Milovanov Local Self-Government as the Major Leverage of Modernization
A. Krasovskiy Relations of Russia and the USA in the Context of Russian National Security


A. Shafeyew The Problem of the Relations between Society and STAte in the Theory of «Public Monarchy» of I.L. Solonevich
P. Morozov V.I. Taneev: Life, Activity, Destiny


O. Belkov Round Table on the Problem of Politics and War in the Post-Bipolar World


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