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Власть 05 за 2011 г.

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V. Nagovitsyn 350 Years of the Annexation of Buryatia to the Russian State s. 5
B. Bazarov The Annexation of Buryatia to Russia: Geopolitical Borderland Scenarios in the in 18th–19th Centuries s. 9
V. Mitypov The State and the Buddhist Church in the USSR/Russia: Basic Legislative Aspects s. 13


V. Babintsev,  E. Reutov Regional Solidary Society: Utopia or Project? s. 18
M.  Ponochevniy Universal History and Conceptual Models of Government Mechanisms s. 24
E. Karanina Risk-System of Management: Conceptual Bases of  Formation and Assessment with Account of Regional-Branch Factors s. 28
M. Gilyazeva Social Aspects in Conflicts of Interests within Activity of State and Municipal Employees s. 34


N. Kuznetsova Efficiency of Modern Communication Technologies in Political Life of Society s. 37
A.  Rossoshanskiy Habits of «Dirty» Political Technologies s. 41


N. Zhirnov To the Issue of Organic Combination of Ideology and Modernization s. 45
I. Gurova, N. Korchagina Trust in Economic Relationships s. 48
K. Shneyder Images of History Science in Early Russian Liberalism s. 51


A.  Kirilina, E. Gritsenko The Main Descriptive Models of Language Changes in the Context of Globalization s. 56
E. Lugovaya Problems of Volunteering in the Messages of the President of the Russian Federation s. 60
G.Allahverdiyev  The Influence of Democracy on Realization of Freedom in Various Spheres of Public Life s. 63
V. Meshalkin Cultural  Transformation of  Border Guard  Officers’ Management  under Globalization s. 67
T. Vorobjeva Social Partnership between College Universities and Educational Institutions for Orphans and Children without Parental Care s. 71
E. Rudakova The Russian Lobby in the USA: Problems and Prospects s. 74
O. Udnikova Theoretical and Methodological Approaches to Interpretation of Features of Political Leadership in the North Caucasian Region of RussiaYu. Golubeva How to Assess Efficiency of Cooperation in the Russia – NATO Relations s. 81
V. Semenov Muslim Factor in Development of Institutions of Civil Society  s. 85


A. Plehov Development of Vocational Technical Training System in Leningrad in the First Half of the 1970s s. .88
N. Lipatova, A. Golotin Typification as a Tool of Social Engineering: Power and Society in 1917–1925 s. 92
N. Biyushkina Hierarchy of Regulatory Legal Acts of Guarding Character in the Period of Governing of Alexander III s. 95
S. Ilyushin The Activity of Russian Authorities towards Strengthening the Security of Newly Joined Caucasus Territories in 1864–1917 s. 98
S. Krasnov Power of Cossack Atamans in the Customary Law of the Don Cossacks during the Second Half of the 19th Century s. 101
T. Pankova-Kozochkina Rural Schools in 1920s in the Minds of Authorities, Peasants and Cossacks of the Don  s. 104
S. Chistyakov The Issue of Language for the Jewish National School in Activities of the People’s Commissariat for Education in the RSFSR (1918–1919) s. 107


O. Bogatova Ethno-Regional and Civil Identification in the Structure of Social Identity of the Population of the Mordovian Republic s. 110
M. Eflova Violation of Human Rights of the Socially-Excluded Groups in Russia s. 116
A. Piyanov Theoretical and Methodological Bases of Empiric Modeling for Sociological Research of Family s. 119
Ju. Sarkisyan Project Competency of State and Municipal Employees as an Object of Sociological Analysis  s. 123
E. Tourintseva Characteristics of Family of Military Man and the Problem of Combat Readiness of Armed Forces s. 128


O.  Kuznetsov The Balkans in R.A. Fadeev’s Geopolitical Plans (1860–1870)  s. 131


G. Alexeev,  G. Morozov Clarification of the Notion of Corruption in Russian Legislation s. 134
S. Safina Adoption of Republican Constitutions in the Structure of the Russian Federation: Political and Legal Aspects s. .137
A. Levushkin, O.  Jurenkova Judicial Authority and Protection of Minors’ Rights in Russia s. 141


I. Sitnova Comparative Analysis of «Colour Revolutions» in the Post-Soviet Space  s. 144
A. Kuvshinov The European Union Experience of Prevention and Response to Emergency Situations s. 148
A. Kolobov The Role of International Intergovernmental Organizations in the Modern System of Global Governance s. 151
K. Korotkin  Political Forms of Migrants’ Activities in Germany  s. 154


V. Terekhov B.L. Grombchevsky's Expeditions to the Pamirs s. 157


S. Antyushin One More Step in Formation of the War Conflict Theory s. 160


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