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Власть 07 за 2011 г.

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A. Lapin, S. Makarova Demographic Crisis: View from a Region

Political Processes and Practices

G. Kolobova Political and Economical Strategy of Post-Soviet Russia as a Criterion of Periodization of Transformational Process
D. Nezhdanov The Problems and the Perspectives of the Russian Democracy (some results of the first decade of the XXI c.)
A. Karavaev Formation of the Regional Party System in Modern Russia
D. Nikolenko Social Regulation of Interaction between Labour Market and Higher Education Sphere on Regional Level
A. Ovchinnikov Nationalism: Who Is Guilty and What to Do? (view from Tatarstan)
T. Mochalov Problems in the Field of the Migration Policy in Russia
S. Israpilov, M. Butaeva Some Aspects of the Social Role of Dagestan Women in the Process of Islamization of the Society

Ideas and Meanings

Yu. Vasiliev The Identity of the Russian People in the Historical Concept of Vasily O. Klyuchevsky
Ju. Pirumova Scientific and Theoretical Evolution of Concepts of the Statehood: Analytical Review of Basic Researches
O. Timofeyev Conceptual Difficulties of Political Internet-Technologies: Search of the Adequate Interpretation
G. Allakhverdiyev The Correlation between Humanism and Freedom
E. Ivanova Features and Prospects of the Russian Society Development in Philosophical Thought of the 19th Century
E. Voronina The «Orange revolution» as Postmodernism Projection in the World of Politics

Communications and Authorities

N. Baranetz, O. Ershova, E. Kudryashova The Significance of the Power for the Formation of Standards in Scientific Community
S. Nikipelova The Structure of the Modern Social and Political Communication Process
E. Golovleva Image as an Instrument of Informational Support of Foreign Policy
Yu. Khavtorina Advertising as a Tool of Mass Communication in Russia in the late 19th – early 20th Centuries

Self-Government and Authorities

M. Balashova Territorial Self-Government: Political Aspects
S. Morozov, A. Ignatyeva The Role of Public Authorities and Local Self-Government in Organization of Transportations


A. Nikitov The Comparison of Modern State and Dynamics of the Educational Potential of Russia and the Developed Countries
I. Ezhiyev Energy Aspect of Geopolitical Risk of the US strategy in the Caucasus-Caspian Region
N. Gribok Formation of Advertising Community in Modern Russia
V. Sakaev Political Demography: Its Subject Field and Research Possibilities
I. Efremov Electric Power Industry and its role in the Energy Policy of Russia

The Jubilee

L. Kalmina The Economic Space of a Provincial Siberian Town at the Edge of the 19th – 20th Centuries
T. Tsyrenova The State Water Resources Management System as the Aspect of Political Process in Mongolia
V. Bazarova The Foundation of National School in Buryat-Mongolia: Battle on the Way


T. Rassadina, N. Mironova Trust to the Power under Condition of the «Risk Society» (on examples of Russian provincial towns)
E. Starinina Public Opinion as an Indicator of Authority’s Legitimacy


N. Primov, E. Primova Constitutional Principle of Equal Civil Rights and Problems of Class Democracy in the Russian Federation
T. Istomina Regarding the Necessity of Transformation in the Modern Definition of Public Service
I. Svirina Personnel Technologies in Processes of Civil Service Management
Ya. Kayl On the Necessity Of Standardization (Regulations) of Activities Of Civil Service Public on State (Municipal) Level
N. Ragozina Evolution of the Russian Legislation on Executive Case in Customs Sphere in Late-Soviet Period and at the Beginning of 2000s.

Domestic Experience

A. Khalin Railway Construction and Modernization in Russia in the Second Half of the 19th Century
S. Kholyaev Could the White Army officers be Monarchists?
G. Shevtsova Russian Aid to Serbian Refugees in Romania (1915–1916)
N. Podpryatov The State Mechanism of Attraction of Citizens of the Grand Duchy of Finland to the Service in the Russian Army in the 19th and early 20th Centuries
T. Matiev Causes and Particularities of Influence Growth of Pro-Bolshevik Powers in Ingushetia in 1919–1920
A. Polyakov The Church and Monarchical Peasant’s Party

World Order

L. Usova The Foreign Policy of Ukraine: between Non-Alignment and Euro-Atlantic Integration
M. Ataev NAFTA: Problems and Prospects for Cooperation of the USA, Canada and Mexico
A. Kiselev The Problem of Foundation of the British Two-Party System in Historiography


I. Mavlyautdinov To the Rationality Problem of Religious Faith: Evinencialism of Theism by Richard Swinburne


P. Marchenya, S. Razin International Roundtable «Peasantry and Authority in the Russian History in the 20th Century”. Part 1
A. Ponedelkov Municipal Reform on the Level of Urban and Rural Settlements as the Subject of the Discussion between Russian and German Expert Community


G. Avtsinova Will the Russian Authorities Hear a Social Alarm?


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