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Власть 10 за 2011 г.

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А. Ponedelkov, A. Starostin Russia: Social and Political Characteristics of Security


S. Sergeev Extra Constitutional Political Institutions in the Context of Expert Analytical Reports 2010/2011
I. Gurlev Attaining the Future: Who Will Modernize Russia?

Political processes and practices

A. Koshkin, S. Melkov Is the Creation of All-Russian Popular Front the Final Stage of the Electoral Process?
A. Maltsev Client-Oriented Approach in Business and State (Municipal) Management
I. Samarkina Particularities of the National Youth Policy in Summer Period
I. Vasilyev Specific features of democratic transit processes all over the former USSR
E. Noskova The Modernization of Russian Electoral System: Development or Reversal?
G. Pesherov, E. Valkova Society Feminization: Problems and Prospects
O. Byizova The Experience of Cooperation of the State Duma with Regional Education Authorities under Conditions of Reforms in 1990s
V. Ochirova Educational Potential of Political Elites in Multi-Ethnic Regions
L. Arapkhanova The Center and Regions: Interaction between Elite Groups in the Post-Soviet Russia
A. Gnetnyov Social and Political Conditions of Raiders Activity Spreading in Modern Russian Society

Ideas and meanings

I. Falaleeva On the Russian National Policy Paradigm
A. Bogdanov Russian Idea in the Chaadaev’s Philosophic Views
D. Sofyin The Views of Romanovs on Emperor Authority
I. Doroshin Structural Characteristics of Fundamentalism in Risk-Generating Reality


O. Dubrovina The Political Mechanism of Realization of International Connections of State Regions
A. Averkova, A. Nikishkin, N. Baranets Criticism as Instrument of Power Display in Scientific Community
V. Kapustin Some Particularities of Social Adaptation of a Person to Professional Military Service


S. Mareeva Aims and Tasks of Modernization of the State in Population Perception: Consensus or Conflict?
A. Sokolov Social Base of Protest Activities in Modern Russia
E. Savrutskaya, S. Ustinkin The Analysis of Dynamics of Qualitative Characteristics of Value Consciousness of Russian Youth

Political science

D. Negdanov Political Design as an Instrument of Political Struggle
I. Metelev Migration, Civilization, Russia


S. Plokhov On the Issue of Effectiveness of Criminal Liability for Corruption Crimes in Social Sphere


A. Kiselev The Court and Country Notions in the English Political Terminology of the 17th Century
K. Khandogin The Khomeinist Ideology and its Influence on Forming Conceptual Basis of Iran Foreign Policy
N. Shalyigin Russian-Mexican Border: Failed Reality

Domestic experience

A. Smirnov Revolutionary Ideas of Russian Modernization in the First Half of 1860s
V. Kustov Historical Session of IV State Duma and the Russian Foreign Policy
A. Plekhanova State Housing Policy in the Cities of Buryatia in 1920s
T. Matiev The Problems of Developing Cultural and Educational Activity in Ingushetia at the Turn of 19th–20th Centuries
T. Kuras Serving in Appellate Courts of the Russian Empire
I. Rodionova The Role of Cultural Workers in Forming Soviet Society Consciousness (1917–1953)
E. Stepanova The Development of Historiography of Rear of Soviet Armed Forces of the Post-War Period in the Second Half of 1940s – First Half of 1950s

Foreign experience

Y. Dargel Correlation of Supranational and International Factors in European Union
A. Slepykhin, L. Kostyuchenko European Educational Policy Transformation at the Modern Stage
I. Gladkov Transformation of Foreign Trade Connections for Implementation of National Economic Modernization
G. Stankevich Religion as an Actor of Political Process in Traditional East
V. Udin State Policy of the Countries of North Europe towards the Lapps


I. Ezhiev Caucasus and Caspian Region in the Modern Geopolitics


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