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Власть 01 за 2012 г.

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L. Nikovskaya, V. Yakimets Assessment and Monitoring of Public Policy in Russian Regions: Characteristic and Main Trends of Changes 5
A. Biryukov On the Practice of Provision of Budget Credits to the Budgets of Constituent Entities of the Russian Federation 12


Ts. Batuev Territorial Development of Depressive Constituent Entities of the RF as an Object of State Control 22
A. Kuzenkova Investment Climate in Regional Dimension 25
V. Yudin Evolution of Russian State Policy towards Indigenous Small-Numbered Peoples of the North 29
V. Kalinov Development of Innovative Economic Sector in the Russian Federation in the First Decade of the 21st Century 34


O. Aksenova Professionals and State Power: Retrospective Analysis 37
M. Budanova , S. Ivanov Trade Unions and Civil Society: Practice and Prospects of Partner Interaction in Labour Sphere 41
R. Ovcharenko Formation of Civil Service Management System of a Constituent Entity of the Russian Federation 45
S. Startseva Elections as the Main Form of Political Participation of Young People 49
K. Antipyev Politicization of Local Self-Government in Modern Russia 52
S. Gasumova Monitoring of Conformity of Local Governments’ Web Resources to the Legislation of the Russian Federation 55


Yu. Volkov Creative Class in Russian Society: Tendencies and Perspectives of Humanistic Ideology 61
T. Shalyugina Images of Simulative Reality in Practices and Technologies of Manipulation of the Mass Consciousness 65
V. Eremenko Social and Cultural Characteristics of Parliament as Governmental Institution 69
D. Demidov On the Significance of the Elders (Starchestvo) in Spiritual Life of Russian Society 73
N. Ursu Reasons of Using Actualization of Political Manipulation Technologies in Mass Media of Modern Russia 77
G. Tanov Politics and Political Management: to the Notions' Definition 80
Yu. Lukashina Political Technologies in the 21st Century 84
D. Kharchenko Superman: Social Dimension and Dynamics 87
I. Skvortsov Social Policy in the Context of Social Culture: to the Definition of the Concept 91
A. Trubina The Place and the Role of the Concept of Property in M. Shtirner's Work «Unique and its Property» 95


A. Palchaev Potential of Conflicts in Territorial and National Arrangements of North Caucasus 101
E. Golovleva Factors of Strengthening Russia's International Image and Reputation 106
I. Yakovleva An Ecology-Oriented Management as an Aspect of Realization of Stable Development Conception  109
S. Martyinenko Inclusive Development and Globalization 113
V. Leshukov Analysis of Transformation of Party Systems in Russia and Ukraine: Comparative Approach  116
A. Paltsev To the Issue of Methodological Relevance of National Security Categories 120
E. Shamkhalova Fundamentals of State Control over Bank Activity 122


A. Petrukhina Social Revolution as a Method of Islamic Ideology Spreading  125
L. Abaeva A Human in the Context of Shamanic and Neoshamanic Traditions of the Mongolian Peoples 127


S. Sergeev Formation of Foundations of the State Scientific and Technical Policy in Russia 131
Yu. Ishchenko Features of the State Policy of Restoration and Development of Productive Forces of the Soviet Countryside at the Beginning of Post-War Period  134
I. Nikolaeva Elaboration of the Concept of Education Goals in Pedagogical Knowledge in the End of the 19th – the Beginning of the 20th Century  137
N. Alexanyan The Soviet Power and the Russian Church in the Period of the Civil War: Compromises and Resistance 140
S. Kuras Judicial Practice as a Source for Studies of Criminality and Siberian Exile 144
A. Kurapov Russian Politics towards the Buddhist Community of Kalmyks in the 17th – 19th Centuries  148
V. Ivanov From the History of Documenting the Civil Servants Personal Data in Imperial Russia  151


A. Sotnikov Features and the Essential Signs of Violent Crimes Motivated by Hate 154


O. Chernobay Realization of the Main Directions of Cooperation between Novosibirsk Region and Foreign States in the First Half of the 1990s 158
D. Tsibakov Militarization of Intergovernmental Unions in Post-Bipolar World: Consequences for the Russian National Interests  161


P. Multatuli International Scientific Conference «Stolypin and Modern Russia»  166
P. Multatuli Emperor Nicolay II and P.A. Stpolypin: Truth and Myths of Relationship 167
A. Ponedelkov Round-Table Discussions «Priority Directions of Russian Federation National Security Strategy» 174


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