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Власть 03 за 2012 г.

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Table of Contents

Construсtion of Russia: Challenges and Risks

V.Komarovsky Conflicts and Consensus in the Process of Modernization of Russia 4
A.Chernyshov Russia: the New Agenda 12
A.Strizoye Power of Risk and Risks of Power 16
S.Konstantinov Social and Political Changes, Hierarchies and Innovations in the Russian Society 21
A.Zavalev The State and Modernization of Russian Society 25
L.Konstantinova The Prospects of Social Policy Modernization in Russia 28
S.Fedyunina Multiethnic Social аnd Cultural Relations and Processes in Modern Multicultural Society 34
A.Palchaev Drawbacks of National and Territorial Construction of North Caucasian Republics 39

Political Processes and Practices

S.Tokareva Collective and Personal Responsibility in a Society 44
T.Razina Social Mechanisms of Investment Policy Management on Municipal Level 49
I.Baykhanov Social Time and Its Festive Dimension during the Election Period 56
O.Filofeyev The Development of Self-Education Activity in Military Institutes of Higher Education: Morphological Approach 60

Security and Society

I.Novikov Russian System of Counteraction to Legalization of Criminal Proceeds and to Financing of Terrorism 63
S.Musayev Functions and Purposes of the Ministry of Home Affairs of Russia in Fighting Economical Crimes 67
D.Kakhrimanov Dagestan in the Regional Security System of Russia 71

Ethnoses and Confessions

O.Sgibneva Contemporary Religious Situation: Sociological Analysis 75
D.Demidov The Questions of Family and Bringing up Children in Theological Heritage of Russian Elders 79
A.Smirnov Evangelic Socialism in Russian Social and Political Essays in the End of 1860s – the Beginning of 1870s 83

Culture and Society

O.Fomin Political Culture as a Factor of Political Process 86
M.Bikbulatov To the Issue of Political Culture Formation by Mass Media 90
G.Tanov Political Culture of Municipal Servants 94
V.Tyan Modeling of Political Power Evolution in Conditions of Social and Cultural and Country-Oriented Identification 97
E.Chekmaryov Particularities of Youth Political Culture and Factors of Radicalism Display 102

Ideas and Meanings

Ts.Batuev Representative Power as the Key Problem of Social and Political Life 106
A.Shafeyev Comparative analysis of the views of Pobednostzev and Solonevich on the Role of Orthodox Church as a Social Institution in the Process of Interaction between Society and State 110
Ju.Cherniakhovskaya Socio-Political Views of Strugatsky Brothers in the Context of Soviet Political History of 1960s–1980s 113


S.Pankratov,V.Istomin The Middle Class’s Way of life and Its Ideological and Political Preferences at the Present Stage of Russia’s Modernization 117
V.Stegniy, L.Kurbatova Political Choice of Students 122

Political Sc ience

S.Lavrentyev The New Bases of Classification of Political Parties in Modern Russia 127
O.Plotnikova Regionalism: Some Approaches to the Definition 132
S.Melkov, A.Perendzhiev What is the Military Political Science? 135


Yu.Dorozhkin, N.Karimova Stages of Development of Russian Mass Media as an Informational and Communicative Institute of Forming Images of Politicians 139
O.Tyukarkina The Role of Communicative Strategy in Formation of the Image of Modern Russia 143
S.Rastorguev Business and the Legislative Power in the Central Federal District of the RF in 2000–2011 146
S.Martyinenko Insurance Model of Globalization 153
G.Bykova, M.Shpakovskaya The European Vector of the Ecumenical Vatican Policy in 1990–2010 157
E.Artyushkova Regional and Historical Aspects of the Frontier Cooperation of Bryansk Region 161
B.Nanzatov, M.Sodnompilova Frontier Zone: Urgent Problems of Everyday Life 165

Domestic Experience

I.Tiunchik Problems of Self-Determination of the Peoples of Russia during the Post-Soviet Period 169
A.Koldushko The Processes of Incorporation and Excorporation of the Party Bureaucratic Establishment in 1920s–1930s 173
R.Bukharin To Some Issues of Historiography of the Moscow Kremlin Guarding in 1918–1941 177
V.Martyinov Activities of State and Military Agencies in Order to Strengthen the Military Discipline in the Russian Army in the Second Half of the 18th Century 182

Politics in Focus

E.Shestopal, S.Nesterova, O.Bukreyeva, N.Smulkina, A.Zatonskikh, V.Titov Mass Perception of Images of the Candidates in Russian Presidential Election 2012  186


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