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Власть 04 за 2012 г.

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A. Galkin Public Consciousness` Dynamics as a Factor of Qualitative Changes
L. Yakovlev The Political Context of the Renewal of Ideology of Modernization for Russia
S. Ustimenko The Problems of Modernization of the Political System of Modern Russia
S. Chernyakhovskiy Political Culture and Political Tradition in the Russian Political Process
A. Ryazanov Control of Identity: Articulation of Ethnical and Cultural Borders in Multi-Ethnic Russian Regions
P. Velikiy Russian Village in Space of Global Challenges


T. Mitrokhina Electoral Culture of Provincial Society
A. Vikulov, K. Ivanova Social Control as the Further Development of Local Self-Government System
A. Volodin Influence of Parliamentary-Presidential Campaign in 2011-2012 on Local Self-Government System in Modern Russia
V. Leshukov Transformation of Party System in Russia in 2000–2010


S. Muzyakov Information Environment and Conditions for the Exponential Growth of Knowledge in Modern Society
T. Oreshkina Ecological Consciousness of the Population of Old-Industrial Towns of the Ural: the Main Constructors of the Region's Information Policy
V. Kaftan, D. Sherbina Military Informational and Communicative Operation as a New Tool of War


A. Byizov The Main Stages of State Control Formation in the Russian Federation
E. Rudakova Problems and Prospects of Energy Cooperation between Russia and the EU
A. Kopyilova Problems of the Restructuring the Russian Forest Industry to the Innovative Development
V. Yudin The Normative-Legal Base towards Indigenous Small-in-Number Peoples of the North: Domestic and Foreign Experience
D. Akopyan Some Issues of Development of the Modern Russian-Ukrainian Relations


S. Paramonova Political Culture of Students in the Perm Region
T. Adamyants Tolerance: Neutrality or Definiteness?
I. Tyurina Migrant Workers at Moscow Labor Market: Problems and Prospects
I. Khafizova The Author’s Model of the Expert System for Determining the State of Public Opinion in Social Networks


K. Golub Functions of Legal Policy in the Sphere of Foreign Economic Activities
S. Musaev Inspection of Economic Entities as the Major Direction of Activity of the Russian Bodies of Internal Affairs in Fighting Economic Crimes
E. Sidorova State Investments in the Form of Capital Investments in the Russian Federation: the Legal Regulation


O. Boitsova Trust to a Government as a Theoretical Issue
Z. Aliev The Political Significance of Ratings
P. Feldman To the Issue of Classification of the Lobbying Technologies
N. Baranetz, A.Verevkin, L. Savinova About the Causes of Scientific Conflicts


O. Red’kina, S. Mordvinov Power and Church in 1943–1950: The Problem of the Church Patriotic Charity
N. Kuznetsova, G. Ivakhnenko Problems of Medical Care for Rural Population of the Volga Region in 1945–1948
V. Bashkuev Socialist Modernization of Siberia’s National Minorities and the Problem of Social Diseases in 1920s.
L. Obukhov The Press as a Source for Studying the Period of Civil War
S. Kuras The Problems of Crime and Punishment in Literary Review of the Journal of the Ministry of Justice
L. Abaeva Buddhist Culture and its Concepts in the World-View of Agvan Dorzhiev


Ju. Dubrovin Realization of Modern European Administrative and State Reforms
Yu. Lee The Peculiarities of the Urbanization’s Mechanisms of China on Boundary of the 20th – 21st Centuries
D. Savichev Economic Growth of Republic of Korea: the New Approach
L. Sanzhieva The Great Britain’s Role in Development of International Informational Exchange in the 19th Century
G. Denisova, S. Kotov The Countercultural Essence of Modern Neofascism
K. Fedorow To the Issue of the Great Britain’s Foreign-Policy Course in the Period of Gordon Brown’s Premiership


Yu. Andreev To the Issue of Geostrategic Stability of Russia
A. Krivenko, V. Okocha Stability in Geopolitics: Methodical Approach to the Notion (Concerning the Korean Peninsula)
I. Gladkov Russia in the European Trade System: the Beginning of the 21st Century
M. Ataev Latin America in the Focus of Interests of the World's Leading Powers


A. Marshak The 4th All-Russian Sociological Congress
S. Ustinkin The report on the All-Russia Scientifically-Practical Conference «Russia in Realities of Global Political System: Technologies of Social and Political Transformations»


G. Tishenko Book Review: «Stalin. The “mediocrity”, who changed the world» by V.D. Kuznechevsky.


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