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Власть 08 за 2012 г.

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The Main Topic

D. Rogozin The Russian Defense Power will Increase due to Novosibirsk
A. Lyulko Novosibirsk as a Symbol of the New Siberia
A. Aseev The Academic Town of Novosibirsk as the Center of Defense Science of the Country
V. Fomin Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Institute: the Best Defense is Development of Advanced Science
A. Vorontsov The Institute of Catalysis of the SB RAS: from the Equipment for «a Soldier of Future» to Struggle against Terrorism
V. Yedvabnik SRIED: We Create All what Doesn`t Contradict to Physical Laws
V. Medvedko HC OCA «NEVZ-Alliance»: Defense Relay from Soviet Electronics to Russian Armour
V. Loktionov OCA “Katod”: on the Edge of Scientific and Technological Progress
A. Eryomenko PA «NPZ»: Optical Devices on the Watch of Russia
A. Sergeev SSC «Vector»: Our Mission is a Scientific Counteraction to Global Biological Threats
N. Krasnikov Koltsovo: a Town of Scientists as a Mode to Connect Science and Innovation Economics

Communications and Society

V. Burmatov Institutional Meaning of the Open Government
Ju. Kharlamova Mass Media as an Instrument of State Policy Implementation
A. Kirjushin Communicative Specificity of Game Activity with Primary Constant Interrelations
O. Bulgak Political Advertising as a Part of Pre-Election Agitation

Political Processes and Practices

V. Dolgov, G. Dolgova Political Problems of Local Self-Government in Modern Russia
S. Alikhanova The Evolution of Party Building in Dagestan
K. Shuba Self-Government: Theoretical Foundation and Real Practice
A. Belyaev Electoral Campaigns: Consolidation or Separation?

Ideas and Meanings

T. Kasimov Modern Marxist Concepts of the Future of Russian State
D. Fedyai The Functions of Visual Representations of Death Theme


A. Karibov Post-Industrial Prospects of Development of Competition and Monopoly
O. Zvinchukova Theoretical Bases of Protection of the Results of Intellectual Activities in the Russian Federation

Ethnic Groups and Confessions

S. Ustinkin, G. Timofeev, A. Shunina, V. Ivanova Evolution of Activity of Islamic Political Parties and Social Movements in Modern Russia
V. Semenov The Analysis of Influence of the Spiritual Management of Muslims in Volga Region and National Public Organizations of Traditionally Practicing Islam People on Development of Civil Society Institutions of the Saratov Region
N. Rodin Particularities of Religious Organizations` Activity in the Far East Federal Territory

Domestic Experience

E. Lipatov Stolypin`s Reforms as a Necessary Condition to Change the Existing State Management
T. Kobzeva Ensuring of Food Security by the Local Authorities in Russia: Past and Present
V. Bazarova Latinization of Buryat-Mongolian Written Language in 1920s–1930s
L. Kuras, B. Zhalsanova The Reform of the Rural Municipality in the Trans-Baikal Region in 1901–1904
V. Martynov Discipline in the Russian Army in the End of the 18th – the First Half of the 19th Centuries
A. Bagenov The Bank System Development in the Russian Far East in 1920s
V. Ivanov The Level of Material Welfare of Local Officials in Russia in the Middle of the 19th Century
O. Bocharova On the Creation of Political Divisions in the MTS in the South of Russia (1933–1934)
M. Gaditskaya Daily Life in the Field Work in 1930s: Relations Between Collective Farmers and Authorities on the Russian South
M. Chuprina Social and Economic Features of Civilians’ Emigration from Russia to China (1917–1945)

Foreign Experience

M. Khtani Human Development Index as an Indicator of Social Development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

World Order

N. Nunyes-Sarantseva Trade and Economical Relations of the MERCOSUR with Subregional Partners

Politics in the Focus

V. Bazarov Russia, Mongolia, China: East Asian triangle
A. Borsch The Legal Regulation of Public Events


S. Nazarov The Problem of Universalization of the Supervisory Powers of Prosecutors and the Ways of Its Solving
A. Serebryakova, A. Saveliev Personal Non- Property Rights in the Civil and Family Law
A. Airapetyan Some Ideas Concerning Legal Nature of Presidents’ and CIS Deputies’ Duty to Know State Language


Ju. Cherevko, M. Ivchenkova The Conference «Sociology of Youth in China and Russia»


A. Geleznyakov A Review of the Monograph “Russia and China: Changes in Social Structure of Society»
T. Berbekova, V. Mikrukov Counteraction to Terrorism: Reflection on the Russian Policy


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