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Construсtion of Russia: Challenges and Risks

A. Marshak Cultural Identity: Search and Ways of Solving the Problem p.4
A. Fedotov Conservative Logic of the Modern Development of Russia p.8
L. Solodovnik The Ideological Format of Social and Cultural Crisis in Modern Russia p.12
I. Khaliy Authorities and Society: in Search of Interaction p.21
V. Egorov,  A. Morozov Features of Contemporary Russian Party-Genesis p.26
A. Korshunov, A. Nagralyan The Modernization of Russian Education and the Problem of Spiritual Security of the Russian Society p.30

Communications and Society

V. Burmatov Are the Flash Mobs Significant for Russian Political Process? p.36
I. Bazhin, M. Zakharov Social and Information Technologies as the Foundation of Conceptual Positions of Regional Electoral Campaigns p.41
D. Makarov, A. Nemtsova Social and Moral Problems of Development of the Information and Communicative Technologies in the Educational Environment p.44
E. Meshkov Innovations in Management of Information Security of Military Personnel of the Russian Federation p.47


B. Bazarov Historical Experience and Contribution of Asian Nomadic Societies to the Eurasian Civilization p.52

Political Processes and Practices

S. Vorontsov Counteraction to Extremism among Students p.56
E. Suntsov Social and Legal Aspects of Development of  Civism among Young People p.56
E. Podolko The Role of Elite in the Bifurcation Points of Social Changes p.59
Ju. Isakova Civil Control in the System of Democratic Relations of Transforming Russian Society: Analysis of the Functional Efficiency p.62
A. Volodin System of Distribution of Power at the Local Self-Government Level p.66
V. Zhabina Creativity and Innovation p.69

Globalization and Society

O. Plotnikova The Regional Dimension in the Contemporary World Order p.72
A.  Kharin Corporation-State as an Alternative to the Modern State p.76

Ideas and Meanings

E. Romanovskaya History and Memory p.80
I. Baykhanov The Theorists of Nonviolence and Ideologists of Force in Interpretations of Conflicts p.83
N. Baranetz, H. Fedoseyev Ideology of Promotion of Innovations in Theology p.88
A. Labyigina Local History and Searching Activity as the Basis for Upbringing Civism p.91

Centre and Regions

S. Metelyov  It Is Time to Wake Up for the Omsk Region p.94
O. Dubrovina The Regional Level of Political Mechanism of International Connections between the Regions of the States p.98
S. Vlasov The Role of Social Factors in Changing the Demographic Situation in Rural Areas in 1980s–1990s p.102


V. Stegny, L.  Curbatova The Analysis of National Self-Consciousness of Students p.106


G.Mingaleva, E.Byikova, G.Lobova Self-Actualization of a Personality: Administrative Aspects of Institutionalization p.110
V. Nasonkin Political Aspects of Realization of the Right to Education in a Federative State p.114
I. Sherbakova, Z. Zaripova Public Hearings in City Building: a Hard Way toward the Reconciliation of Interests p.118
V. Parasotskaya New Approaches to the System of Development and Implementation of Innovations at the Municipal Level p.121
E. Novikova «UN-Women» is a Solution of the Problem of Gender Inequality in Political Leadership p.125
I. Kurylenko The Problem of the Development of the Children's Creativity within the Secondary Education Institute p.128
A. Levushkin, I. Borovinskaya The Rights of Children and their Protection by Public Authorities in Russia and Ukraine p.131
V. Moseyko, D. Moseyko Analytical Tools for the Assessment of Venture Industries’ Appeal p.134

Domestic Experience

A. Alekseev Historical Aspect of Interrelations between the Church and the State in Russia p.140
A. Soklakov Relations between the Cossacks and Authorities of the Russian Empire in the 19th Century p.144
S. Darchieva Modernization Processes in the Political System of the Russian Empire in 1905–1907 p.147
S. Kuras Materials on Crimes in a Railway System in Russian Prerevolutionary Periodicals p.151
A. Skorik, S. Bagdasaryan Traditional Peasant’s Leisure in the South of Russia in 1920s p.156
I. Tsyrempilova Documentary Heritage of the Russian Orthodox Church in Study of Relations between the State and the Church in 1917–1930s in the Baikal Region  p.160
B. Shapiro Illustrative Materials as a Scientific Source in Studies of Urban Costume in the Late 19th – Early 20th Centuries p.164
D. Sofyin Conservatives and Power in the New Political Realities: Views of Russian Conservatives on the Imperial Power p.167


M. Mahdiyan Iranian-Soviet Relations: Origin and Particularities of Development in 1920s–1930s p.172
A. Smirnov, A. Paleyev The  Epoch of the Great Reforms of 1860s in the Historiographic Issues p.175


A. Kurochkin The Evolution of Legal Status of Political Parties in Russia p.179

Focus on Politics

M. Albakov The Role of Domestic Policy Factors in Destabilization of Social and Political Situation in the Republic of Ingushetia p.183
I. Ezhiev The New Stage of Confrontation in the Caucasus Region p.186
S. Tikhonova Interaction of Russia and Belarus in the Oil and Gas Sphere and the EU`s Energy Policy (1992–2011) p.188


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