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Власть 11 за 2012 г.

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K. Gadzhiev Nationalism as an Ideology p.4
V. Burmatov Is a Soft Power Unique for Democratic Society? p.9
L. Shaipak The Russian Army in the Regional Political System in the Late 19th –Early 20th Centuries p.14


O. Volochaeva Civil Society and Internet- Communication in the Context of the Modern Political Process p.18
I. Baikhanov Conflict Tools of «Color Revolutions» and E-Democracy p.23
E. Strigankova Communicative Personality in the Political Space of Information Society p.27
E. Revutskaya, A. Ryazanov Modern Communication Technologies and Traditional Society p.31
A. Ryabushko The Influence of а Political Leaders through Personal Blogs p.35
S. Ponomaryov The State in the Net: New Institutes of Communication p.38
A. Sokolov, E. Kirillova The Internet Part of the «For Fair Elections» Project p.42
A. Suzi Formation of the Image of a Region and Civil Participation p.46
A. Kiryushin Computer Games: a Triumph of Simulation over Reality p.48


D. Nezhdanov The Referendum of Legitimacy-2012: Technologies of Legitimation of the Results of the Russian President`s Elections, part 2 p.52
V. Dolgov, A. Strizhova Structural Features of the Regional Political Elite in the Modern Russia p.56
N. Gegedyush To the Issue of Assessment of the Condition of Civil Society in Constituent Entities of the Russian Federation p.61
A. Karavaev Intraparty Voting (Primaries) as a Factor of the Development of Democracy in the Modern Russia p.65
А. Bezrukova Transfer to Post-Industrialism and Modernization of the Forms of Organization of Labor p.71
M. Shamkhalov System Characteristics of Local Self-Government p.75


A. Paltsev Post-Modernist Liberalism as a Tool of Changing the Civilizational Code of the Russian Mental Sphere p.79
E. Maykova Autonomy as a Personal Value p.84
A. Ambaryan, A. Iliychev Ideological Transformation of the Modern Russian Politics p.88
A. Ivanov, I. Doroshin Ideological and Political Discourse of Religious Fundamentalism in a Risk Society p.92
N. Baranetz, I. Kalantaryan Deideologization and Reideologization of the Modern Society: Myths or Reality? p.97
N. Dergunova, V. Oshkin  Genesis of the Ideas of R. Michels on the Role and Functions of Bureaucracy in Industrial Society p.100
Ju. Aleksandrova Manifestations of the Post- Modernist Deconstruction in Ordinary and Political Consciousness of the Russians p.104


L. Abaeva Formation of Cultural Identity in the Context of Realization of the Ethnophoric Education Nowadays p.108
V. Zvyagintseva Professional Socialization of Students in the Terms of Globalization p.113


M. Matasov The Experience of Efficient Interaction between Authorities and Big Business in a Region p.117


I. Gurova, N. Korchagina The Economic Factors of Trust p.122
A. Kobzev The Organization of New Religious Communities by Tatars-Muslims  in the 1980s – at the Beginning of 1990s p.126
T. Kostina Innovative Strategy of a Company in a Local Community p.130
N. Kazakova, A. Runov, A. Novikov Social Protection of Government Servants p.135
M. Mahdian USSR and Iran during and after the World War II p.139


V. Markin, A. Rogovaya Counteraction to the Spreading of Extremist and Terrorist Ideologies among the Youths, part 1 p.142
M. Butaeva Gender Problems in Modern Dagestan p.147


M. Knyaz’kov, A. Rozhnov, A. Sinelnikov On the Strengthening of Criminal and Legal Guarantees against the Abuse within the Judicial Authority p.151
V. Ponomarev To the Problem of Criminalization of Unfair Behavior of a Representative in the Process of Proving during Civil Investigation p.157
O. Surkova The Criminal and Legal Meaning of Voluntary Act Concerning Property Compensation (Article 312 of the Criminal Code of the RF) p.162


N. Khailova Liberal-Centrists’ Views on the Problems of Party Building in Russia at the Beginning of the 20th Century p.166
I. Tselovalnikova The Social and Political Activity of Cooperation in Russia on the eve and during the World War I p.170
A. Dubov The Protective Ideology of the Russian State under Nicholas I p.174
T. Matiev The Principle of Collective Responsibility in Politics of Imperial Regime and White Guard Administrations in Ingushetia in the End of 19th – at the Beginning of the 20th Century p.179
B. Tuaeva, E. Makieva The Public Life in a North Caucasian Town in the Post-Reform Time p.181
E. Solovyova Analysis of the Simbirsk Provincial Government Control and Audit Activities in the Second Half of the 19th Century p.184
T. Kobzeva Local Health Care System in the early 20th Century p.187
T. Kuras The Tiflis Trial Chamber p.191
K. Kalinovа Formation of the Organizational and Legal Bases of the State Industrial Policy in Russia p.195
A. Pashinin Registers of Births, Marriages and Deaths as a Source for Compilation of Genealogies p.198


Kh. Meyriev Structural Characteristics of the Conflict between Ossetia and Ingushetia p.202
M. Albakov The Caucasian Model of Political Stability p.204
V. Volokh Migratory Policy: Changes in the Legislation p.206


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