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Власть 04 за 2013 г.

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The Main Topic

M. Vorobyev , V. Gusev, V. Malyiy Modern Resource Monotown: a Territory of Survival or a Project of Social and Political Stability p.5
L. Potapov The Buryat Industrial Zone: Economic Analysis p.19
A. Lyulko To the Issue of the Necessity of the Legal Status for Academic Towns p.23


B. Bazarov, V. Dugarov Symbolism of the Mongolian Empire: an Afterword to the 850th Anniversary of Genghis Khan p.26
D. Ayatskov The Message of the Russian President V. Putin and Purposes of Constitutional Reform p.30

Communications and Society

E. Semyonov Virtual Net Paradigm of Political Activity p.34
E. Lazaricheva Municipal Level of E-Democracy: Theoretical and Practical Aspects p.39

Political Processes and Practices

V. Mikheev Russian Trilateral Commission for the Regulation of Social and Labour Relations as a Tool of Accommodation of Conflicting Interests p.44
A. Kakhrimanov About the Democratic Transit on the Post-Soviet Space p.48
D. Tombu Disciplinary Practices of the Consumer Society p.52
A. Novikova Specifics of Political and Public Administration in the Constituent Entities of the Russian Federation p.55
B. Kabyilinskiy Model and Technologies of Political Conflicts Solving in the Modern Russia: Current Condition and Prospects p.59
K. Ivanova Control in Public and Political Activity of Population p.63
I. Nefedov German and Russian Systems of Municipal Management as a Result of Administrative Reforms p.66
A. Shilikov Theoretical Aspects of Mobbing as Consequence of Conflict Interaction p.69

Church, Society, State

N. Baranetz, I. Kalantaryan National Idea in the Light of the Christian Universalism p.72
V. Semenova Ways of Influence of Destructive Religious Organizations on Youth in the Modern Russia p.75

Ethnic Groups and Confessions

N. Khanaliev Islam in the Political and Legal Matrix of the North Caucasus People p.79
N. Tsyrempilov Buddhism in Russia: Past and Present p.84


D. Rubvalter, N. Barabash, S. Shuvalov Urgent Problems of Mankind, and Research Methods Based on Interdisciplinary Approaches p.88
Kh. Dzytsev State Corruption in Government Bodies in the North Ossetia – Alania Republic p.94
S. Danilov Efficiency of Social State Programs p.102
A. Levushkin , G. Sadeeva The Government and Features of Legal Regulation of the Foster Home Institute p.107
S. Balabay Pragmatism of the Modern Education and Search of a New System of Values p.111
E. Chuku Transnational Corporations in the Sphere of International Energy Relations p.115
O. Kozlov Features of Foreign Trade Connections between the Baltic Countries and Russia (1991–2012) p.118

Ideas and Meanings

A. Fedorova Power of Social Myths and Environment of Modern Organizations p.123
A. Kraeva, E. Kudryashova, A. Nikishkin, L. Savinova Ideology of Change of Traditions and Innovation in Art Culture p.128
M. Kovaleva Temporal Metaphor and Discourse p.132


Z. Selivanova Early Career-Guidance as an Urgent Purpose of State Policy p.136
P. Razov Forms of Social Adaptation of Citizens p.140
I. Loskutova Social Problems of the Modern Russian Educational Space p.144
R. Akhmedzyanova Sociology of Consumer Markets p.147

Political Science

Z. Zhade, A. Shadze Political and Legal Identity in the Modern Russia p.151
D. Deeva Institution of Governors in Regional Strategies of the Russian Authorities p.156

Domestic Experience

E. Karlova, N. Romanov Transformation of Social and Political Model of Russian Military Officers during the 20th Century p.160
S. Kuras Judicial Reports in the Reformed Russia as the Source for Studies of Criminality p.165
V. Moroshkin Emigration from Russia to Bulgaria in 1919–1924 p.168
E. Abubikerova Problems of Salary of Scientific and Pedagogical Intellectuals of Higher Education Institutes in Saratov in 1920s p.171
V. Burdun Military Memoirs of the Kuban Cossacks Concerning their Participation in the Russian-Turkish War (1877–1878) p.174
L. Zhilkina Geopolitical Views of V.P. Semenov-Tyan-Shansky and Modernity p.179
V. Dronov Historical and Attributive Reliability of an Image of Enemy in Modern Movies about the Great Patriotic War p.182


K. Vishnyakova The Third International Sociological Conference «Continuing Boris Grushin»: a Review p.187
L. Brodovskaya The Peasant Issue in the National and World History p.189

Focus on Politics

R. Emirov To the Issue of the Russian National Security on the North Caucasus p.192
A. Baranov Politicization of Islam in the Modern Crimea: Aspect of Conflicts p.196


P. Simush Patriotica of Russia: Do the Rulers need it? p.201


M. Yakovleva Human`s Way of Life in the Post-Reform Russia p.206


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