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Власть 06 за 2013 г.

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The Main Topic

Legalizig the Status of Academic Cities p. 4


A. Dmitriev Axiology of Science Scandal p.21
A. Aleynikov Metaphysics of Russian Conflict Nature: Cold Civil War or Squabble p. 25

Political Processes and Practices

S. Lartseva, R. Salakhutdinova Russian Agrarian Policy: History and Challenges of Modernity p. 32
S. Metelev Russia in the WTO: Globalization of Regional Economies p.35
O. Lobtsova Current Trends in Realization of Anticorruption Policy in the Transbaikalian Region p. 40
N. Shamne Cultural, Social and Language Adaptation of Immigrants p.44
Yu. Matafonova Formation of the Transbaikalian Region as a Way of Federative Sustainability Increasing p. 48
V. Kizhevatova, G. Popov, M. Prudnikov Increasing of Population`s Life Quality as Administrative Task p. 52
V. Rusanov The Ethno-Cultural Component of Political Changes in the Russian Federation p. 57
E. Shakirova Modern Society: Self-Organization versus Administration p. 61

Globalization and Society

A. Kharin A State in Conditions of Globalization: New Approaches p. 65
A. Kraeva, O. Bravina, M. Gondarenko, L. Zimina Art Culture in Conditions of Globalization p. 70

Communications and Society

N. Zazaeva Communicative Dimension of an Interethnic Tolerance in Multicultural Region p. 74
M. Milovanova, E. Terentyeva Language Space in a Multi-Ethnic Region: Ecological and Linguistic Approach p. 80
S. Channov Restriction of Access to Separate Types of Information in the Internet p. 83

Religion, Society, State

A. Belkova Religion and Education: De-secularization in the Post-Soviet Buryatia p. 88
L. Basangov Analysis of Islamic Financial Products p. 92
V. Semenova Strategy and Tactics of Counteraction to the Impact of New Religious Associations on Political Process in the Russian Federation p.96


G. Shilova, D. Yakovlev Additional Education – Innovative, Constant, and Continuous p. 99
I. Dashibalova, A. Bazarov Film Documentary Chronicle as a Source of Studying the Buryat Ethnicity p.102
V. Pazderin The Role of Emotional Intellect at the «Gas» Negotiations between Russia and Ukraine p. 106
A. Indgieva The Transformation of the Foreign Policy of the USA after the Terroristic Acts of September 11, 2001 p. 108
V. Bazarov Formation of Mongolian Independence in the 20th Century p. 113

Ideas and Meanings

M. Eshev Russian Patriotism as a Basis of National Identity p. 116
N. Baranetz, A. Veryovkin, A. Gorshkova Is Physics a Party Science? p. 119
A. Inkov To the Issue of Unity within the Rurik`s Dynasty in the 12th – 13th Centuries p. 123


N. Babich, I. Batyikov Conceptual Basis of Measuring Public Support of Legal Acts p. 126
E. Maykova, E. Simonova Tendencies of Local Self-Government Development p. 130
M. Baranovskiy Phenomenon of Trust in Modern Sociological Researches p. 134
E. Reutov, M. Reutova Distrust as a Social Problem: Scale and Manifestations p. 138
A. Tsepelev Social and Territorial Identification and Branding of a Region p. 143


Z. Egorova, A. Iglyn Taxation Issues in Sport Sphere p. 147
G. Buranov, E. Kostenko State and Special Subject of a Crime p. 151

Domestic Experience

E. Bodrova, M. Gusarova About Priorities of Industrial Policy: the Phenomenon of Perestroika p.155
R. Kalimullin Efficiency of Engineering Management in Conditions of Scientific and Technical Revolution in 1950s – middle 1960s p. 159
V. Akhmadullin Activity of the Soviet State on Organization of the Hajj of Soviet Muslims in 1944 p. 162
V. Kustov The State Duma of the First and Second Convocations: Foreign Policy Characteristics in the Activity of the Parliament (April 1906 – July 1907) p. 165
A. Kiseleva State Ideology and Assessment of the Judicial Reform in 1864 p. 170


L. Zhilkina V.P. Semenov-Tyan-Shansky, P.N. Savitskiy and Formation of Their Geopolitical Views p. 173


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