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Власть 10 за 2013 г.

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S. Naumov Russian Constitutional Process: History and Modernity p. 4
B. Enkhtuvshin, L. Kuras, B. Tsyibenov Globalization and Traditional Cattle Breeding of Mongolian Nomads p. 11
I. Dobaev, A. Ponedelkov Tendencies in Evolution of Terrorism on the North Caucasus p. 17

The Centre and Regions

D. Kozlov, N. Potorochenko Strategic Dilemma of Innovative Development of a Region p. 23
V. Svischeva Municipal Finance: Modern Problems and Alternatives p. 27
T. Kalugina The Phenomenon of Social Entrepreneurship and Regional Development p. 32
I. Nefedov Competitive Federalism as a Tool of Stimulation of Regional Development p. 36

Political Processes and Practices

E. Bodrova Does Russia Need a New State Industrial Policy? p. 38
G. Kolobova The System of Political and Governmental Mechanisms of Regulation of Economics in Modern Russia: Problems of Functioning and Improvement Prospects p. 42
T. Dunyamalyiev, Yu. Dorozhkin Stages of Development of the System of Separation of Powers in Modern Russia p. 47
O. Shimanskaya, A. Parshakov, S. Popova Youth Policy: between State and Public Initiatives p. 51
P. Panov Institutions and Practices of Special Representation of the Arctic Indigenous Peoples in Regional Legislative Bodies p. 54
K. Ibragimov Specific Features of the Modern Political Process in the Republic of Dagestan p. 59
A. Chernyikh Using Methods and Tools of Quality Management in Education p. 61

Communications and Society

G. Kosov, V. Potapov, V. Shiryaev Political Networks: Specific Characters of the Modern Architectonics p. 64
O. Prudnikova Informatization of a Society within Restructuring of Economy p. 70
N. Kuznetsova Interregional Communication as a Part of Management System for Solution of Ethnic Conflicts p. 72
V. Peshkova Features of Communications between Diasporas in Modern Russia p. 74
A. Nemtsev Population`s Evaluation of the Local Self-Government Bodies` Activity by Means of Internet-survey p. 79
G. Polyakova Phenomenon of Information Culture in the Modern Society p. 83


S. Ustinkin, E. Rudakova, N. Morozova National Question in the Russian Federation: Approaches to Solution p. 87 S.
Nedel’ko, G. Pyadukhov, S. Zhivodrova Migration Quotas and Intermediaries: Technologies of Shady Practices p. 92
N. Potorochenko Some Aspects of Implementation of Program-target Planning and Management of the Socio- economic Development p. 96
M. Shamkhalov About Historical Roots of Local Self-Government p. 101
G. Peshсherov, A. Pirogov Institution of Family: Evolution and Problems in the Modern World p. 106
E. Strogetskaya Using the CriterionTable of Contentsof Efficiency of Contemporary Russian Universities p. 110
N. Ilinova Social and Humanitarian Knowledge as a Key to Successful Formation of a New Type of Society. p. 114
Sui Li, L. Tenchurina Issues of Equity in the CPR`s Educational Sphere p. 118

Ideas and Meanings

K. Gadzhiev Metamorphosis and Dilemmas of American Conservatism p. 122
V. Belozerov Origin and Implementation of Political Doctrines p. 127
L. Ternovaya Geopolitical Semantics of a Road p. 132
I. Pudovkina Religious Art as a Channel of Influence on Religious Consciousness p. 135
A. Moiseyev, N. Asonov Art, Air and Authority p. 139


M. Eflova Evaluation of Narcotization and Characteristics of Drug Abuse in the Republic of Tatarstan p. 142
M. Aligadzhieva National and Political Elite of Dagestan: Specifics of Formation and Functioning p. 146


E. Isaeva Attempts to Bring the Russian Volunteering Institute under control of State: Analysis of the Draft of a Bill «On Volunteering» p. 148
V. Stepanova The System of Civil Law Objects: a Fiction or Reality? p. 151
N. Romanenko Inevitability of Punishment for Representatives of Authorities as a Guarantee of Realization of the Principle of Equality p. 153

Domestic Experience

A. Moroz Penal Military Units during the Great Patriotic War p. 157
N. Podpryatov Ethnic Construction Units of the Russian Army during the World War I p. 160
S. Andreyev Policy of District Councils of the Volga Region Aimed at Modernization of Local Budgets p. 165
B. Zhalsanova The Experience of the Struggle Against Drunkenness in the Buryat Offices in the 19th – early 20th Centuries p. 168


V. Dosovitskaya Japan and Manchuria: the Beginning of Interrelations p. 172
E. Nolev The Russian-Horde Relations in Discourses of Post-Soviet Space p. 175

World Order

V. Sukhanov 10 years’ Anniversary of the UN Convention against Corruption: Successes and Achievements p. 181


L. Aleynikova Bohemian Bourgeois as a New Political Class p. 185
S. Melkov What do Kremlin “Wise Men” Think About? p. 187

Focus on Politics

D. Ezhov United Voting Day on September 8, 2013: Analysis of Some Results p. 189
A. Shatilov Election Experience-2013: Authority, Elite, People p. 191


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