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E. Zhilinsky Dilemmas and Innovations in the Russian Health Care System p. 4
D. Kozlov, O. Voronin Eastern Vector of Economic Development of the Baikal Region and Its Influence on Social, Economic and Political Processes p. 9
L. Kristalinskiy Russian Boundary Space: Connection of Ethnic Characteristics of Regions with the State Security p. 12
N. Khvesyuk Formation of a New Proprietary Class in Conditions of Transformation of Social Relations p. 17
A. Lyulko Conceptual Bases of Formation of the Image of the Russian Academy of Sciences p. 23


I. Khaliy Environment as a Factor of Political Party Activity at the Local Level p. 27
S. Eliseyeva Modern Stage of Realization of the Anti-Corruption Policy in Russia p. 32
E. Isayeva Dynamics of the Dialogue Mechanism Development of Interaction between Government and Society in Constituent Entities of the North-West Federal District of Russia in 2013 p. 35
D. Pozhilov The Privatization Program in the Russian Federation and Specifics of Its Assessment p. 39


A. Karpova The Informational Anomie: the Choice on Thin Ice p. 41
I. Bronnikov The Future of Political Internet-Technologies: Two Scenarios of Development p. 46
D. Prosyanyuk The Image of Russia through the Lens of Social and Project Information Technologies p. 50


I. Sevastyanova, V. Stegniy Delegation of Authorities for Effective Decision-making p. 55
G. Pescherov Stagnation in the Legislature or How to Start Reorganization of Government Structures of Modern Russia p. 58
S. Osipenko, I. Polozhentseva Budget Control and Budgetary Legal Responsibility in the Sphere of Professional Education p. 61
E. Porokhnyuk Role, Status and Position of a Woman in Secular Institution of Family p. 65
V. Romanova On the Interaction of Local Government Bodies and Russian Interior Ministry Troops during Mass Public Events p. 70
E. Zvyagina Prospects of the Ecological Tourism Development on Specially Protected Natural Areas of the Russian Federation p. 74
S. Lyameborshay Friendship between Russia and Albania in the Past and Present p. 77


I. Vasilenko Russian Political Culture and European Political Ideals: Actual Discourse p. 81
N. Mesheryakova The Idea of National Development as an Attractive Structure p. 85


E. Maykova, E. Simonova Civil Participation of Population as a Factor of Development of Local Self-Government in Russian Municipalities p. 90
O. Bogatova Social Management of Ethnic and Religious Varieties in Polyethnic Regions of the Volga Region p. 95
V. Shilov Indifferent and Cynical «Generation of Hope» of the Ural Heartland? p. 101


I. Ponkin On the Definition of Legal Space Notion in the Context of Public Management p. 105
A. Soloviev Legal Status of Separate Judicial Institutions of the French Republic with Special Competence p. 109
L. Shalimova, Т. Tolbuzina Legal Basis of Advertising Communication Integrated into Marketing System p. 113
A. Ilyin Democratic Bases of Legal Regulation of the Process of Public Authorities Formation in Constituent Entities of the Russian Federation p. 117
V. Bazarov The Concept of Complex Subjects of the Russian Civil Law p. 121
G. Rozhko On Some Issues of Manifestation of the Power of Employers in Social and Labor Relations in Russia and Abroad p. 125


I. Tselovalnikova Administrative, Legal and Financial Aspects of Interaction between State Authority and Credit Cooperation in Pre-revolutionary Russia p. 129
V. Paraskevov Domestic Artillery on the Eve of the Russian-Japanese War of 1904–1905 p. 133
E. Kostyaev The «Least Harm» among Imperialists: A.N. Potresov's Views on Consequences of Victory in the World War I for Russia p. 137
S. Dolgov Development both of Government Structures and Public Organizations of the USSR on Preparing and Conducting the Olympic Games-80 p. 141


Sh. Baymurzaeva Features of Statehood of the South Caucasian Republics p. 144
M. Dasuyev Institutional Aspects of the International Participation of Belgian Regions in the Context of Russian Federalism p. 149


A. Kharin Areas between Civilizations: the Intermediate Region or the Great Limitrophe? p. 152
M. Ekhtiary Charoymagi Russian-British Political and Economic Relations in the Far East in the Early 20th Century p. 157


A. Gomboyev From the Great Empire to Democracy: Mongolia in Opinion of Foreign Scientists p. 161


V. Frolov Problem of Ukraine's Participation in Integration Processes in Europe and Eurasian Region p. 165
R. Emirov The Interconnection between the Ethnic Policy and Geopolitics in the North Caucasus p. 170
A. Kurbanova Formation of the Lines of Ideological Confrontation in Religious and Political Space of the Republic of Dagestan in the Post-Soviet Period p. 175
A. Adiyev, R. Murzayev Ethnic and Confessional Aspects of Conflicts about Land in the North Caucasus p. 177


A. Ponedelkov, S. Vorontsov Reformatting of the Russian Elite in the Context of Modern Science about Elites p. 180
O. Gaman-Golutvina, L. Timofeyeva, L. Smorgunov Modernization Policy is not Effective without State Cooperation with Business and Society p. 185
The New Constitutional Russia: Quality of Government – Parliamentarism – Quality of Life p. 188


I. Kulikov Review of the Book of V.P. Tretyak «Regional Foresight: Possibilities of Application» p. 190

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