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Arrangement of Russia: Challenges and Risks

Z. Golenkova, E. Igitkhanyan Administrative Structures in Transforming Society: Status and Role Positions (For Whom the Power is Good?) p. 5
Yu. Volkov Creative Class and the Russian State: Prospects of Cooperation p. 12
O. Yanitsky Deputies` Assistants: Is It Routine or Creative Work? p. 17
P. Seleznyov Political Ideology of Innovations: the Choice of the West and the Choice of the East p. 23
E. Makarenkov Will Money Follow a Student in the Process of Reforming the Funding System of Universities? p. 28


O. Ozhereliev Key Issues of the Authority in Russia p. 33

Political Processes and Practices

A. Novikova Political Rule and Political Management in Modern Russia p. 39
N. Baryshnaya Nation Building as a Way of Formation of InterEthnic Relationsp. 43
O. Lomako Transformation of Power in a City: Genealogy and Analytics p. 48
A. Chernyishov The Role of Social Partnership in Implementation of the State Strategy of Social and Economic Development of Russia p. 52
N. Tsyplyaeva Ways of Overcoming the Crisis of the Russian Pension System p. 56
A. Kolesnikova Possibilities of Comparative Study of Centralization and Decentralization Processes in the Political Life of Multipartite States p. 61
E. Golovin, V. Bolshakova Experience and participation of bodies of local self-government in the process of formation of the integrated system of public and municipal services p. 64
E. Petrova Local Self-Government in the Republic of Buryatia p. 68
V. Kapustin Social Engineering of Training Programs for Junior Officers in the System of Military Education p. 73

Communications and Society

S. Muzyakov Personal Contradictions in the Process of Informatization of the Russian Society p. 77


N. Borisov, V. Volkov Ecological Crisis as a Determinant of the Structure of Contemporary Political Ecology p. 81
V. Sergeev, A. Nekrasova Contribution of the JSC «RR» into Implementation of the State Youth Policy in the Modern Russian Society p. 87
B. Nochvina The Problem of Creation of the Modern Strategy of Social Policy p.93
B. Kabylinskiy IT-technologies and State Government p. 98
P. Vostrikov, A. Petryanin Conceptual Features of the Extremism Counteraction Public Policy: Theoretical and Legal Aspects p. 101
A. Litvinova Approaches to the Study of Security of Colleges` Environment p. 106
N. Sukhanova The Role and the Place of Tourism in Foreign Policy of Russia p. 110
D. Myl'nikov Features and Legal Consequences of Detention of Automobiles as a Preventive Measure in Situations of Armed Conflict p. 114

Ideas and Meanings

K. Shmelyov Ideological Influence of Moscow and Kolomna Metropolitan Filaret (Drozdov) on the Agrarian Reform in 1861 p. 117
Y. Vasiliev, M. Vasilieva The Influence of the Christian Wolff`s Ideas on the M.V. Lomonosov`s Views p. 121
A. Bazhanova Meaningful and Valuable Significances of Ceremonial p. 125

Domestic Experience

G. Ivakin Liberals and Members of «Black Hundreds»: Lost Opportunities of the Russian Autocracy p. 129
V. Bashkuev On Some Problems of Sanitary Conditions in Verkhneudinsk in the Last Quarter of the 19th Century p. 134
E. Solovyova Simbirsk Provincial Government and the Problem of Quality of County and City Police Departments Work p. 139
E. Kostyaev The Attitude of the Russian Social-Democrats to Solving the «Damned Irish Issue» during the World War I p. 142
A. Dobrovolsky Law-making State Policy in Strengthening Labor Discipline in the USSR in the late 1930s p. 146
D. Konyishev «To Catch Up and Overtake …» (to the Issue of Agrarian Experiments of N.S. Khruschev) p. 149
R. Silantiev International Activity of Muslim Spiritual Boards of the USSR during Rebuilding (1985-1991) p. 154

World Order

I. Ryasnov China's Policy in the UN p. 157

Focus on Politics

R. Khaydarov Influence of Islamic Identity on the Ethnic and Religious Relations p. 160
R. Serderov The Role of Political Islam in the North Caucasus p. 165

Science about Science

E. Grigorieva, I. Sitdikov The RINC Is a Citation Index and More p. 170


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