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L. Smorgunov Manageability and Network Political Management p. 5


R. Abdullaev, M. Rykhtik The Phenomenon of Advocacy Networks and How it is Affected by the Development of Internet Technologies p. 15
P. Feldman Political Crowdsourcing as an Institution of e-Democracy: Problems of Formation and Development p.21
D. Ivanov The Development of Political Communication under Conditions of Improvement of Its Forms and Channels p. 26
A. Magomedov Internet and Politics: a Crisis of the Modern Democracy or its New Breath? p. 30
A. Alexandrov Information Support of Armed Forces in Contemporary Conflicts p. 35


I. Vasilenko The Role of Cultural Policy in the Process of Formation and Promotion of a Positive Image of Russia p. 40
N. Chuvilina Current Tendencies of Electoral Process in the Republic of Bashkortostan p. 44
V. Sakaev Demographics as a Factor of Global Policy p. 48
A. Gorbunov Models of Regional Policy in the Context of National Economic Growth p. 52
E. Yukhanova Contemporary Problems of Urban Policy in Nizhniy Novgorod p. 55
V. Zhalsanova Structural Distribution of Rural Settlements in Buryatia p. 59


A. Ryazanov, S. Frolova Discourse and Everyday Life p. 63
I. Chernova Spiritual Security as a Social and Cultural Value in Modern Russia p. 68
G. Gabdrakhmanova The Institution of Legislative Power in the Mass Political Consciousness of the Russian Society p. 73
N. Boyko S.P. Koloshin: Between Slavophiles and Westernizers p. 76


R. Silantyev Optimization of the External Relations System of Muslim Clerical Boards in Russia in 2012-2013 p. 81
D. Ryazanov Pseudo-constitutionalism and Illiberal Democracy in the Ideology of Radical Islamism p. 84
V. Litvinov Authority and Pilgrimage of Muslims in Russian Turkestan p. 88
L. Abaeva The Dynamics of Evolution of Traditional Religious Views of Mongolian Peoples in the Vector of Buddhist Theory and Practice p. 94


Yu. Gavrilkina Concept and Purpose of Personnel Assessment in the State Civil Service of the Russian Federation p. 99
E. Rogacheva New Models of University Development under Present Day Conditions. Regional Example p. 104
N. Sukhanova Tourism as a Factor of Sustainable Development of Russian Regions p. 107
S. Ambartsumov The Role of Foreign Direct Investments in the Development of Competitive Advantages of Businesses p. 112
G. Udavikhin Collective Portrait of the Members of Local Councils of the Perm Region on the Eve of Political Reform of 1988–1991 p. 114


V. Markin Formation of Russian Identity as a Factor of Countering the Ideology of Extremism and Terrorism: Regional Aspect p. 120
V. Yuzhakov, V. Boykov, A. Pokida, N. Zyibunovskaya, E. Dobrolyubova Public and Municipal Services: Characteristics and Quality p. 128
G. Razinsky Factors Determining Social Welfare/ Ill-being in Present-Day City p. 136
Je. Ganyushkina The «Russian march» Protest Discourse p. 140


V. Esenova The Development of Administrative Justice in Russia p. 145


P. Frolkin, E. Marutskiy, D. Shishkin The Relation of Society and Political Parties to the Tsarist Policy during World War I p. 150


A. Kholmogorov The Moscow Palace Office and a Legal Framework of Its Activities on Ensuring Security of Moscow Imperial Palaces p. 154
V. Nyirkov The Role and Importance of Personnel Activity of Government and Military Authorities of the USSR in the Field of International Military Cooperation (1950–1991) p. 159
M. Toporkov Evolution of the Soviet Leaders` Views on the Afghan Policy of the USSR in 1979–1991 p. 163


Yu. Bol`shakova The Main Trends in Providing Public Services in the Social Sector in Conditions of Welfare State Crisis p. 170


A. Lapshin Aleksey Chernyshov. The Price of Future p. 176

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