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L. Nikovskaya, V. Yakimets Improving Culture of Public Policy as a Challenge for Russia’s Democratic Development p. 5
V. Petuhov, R. Barash, N. Sedova, R. Petuhov Civic Activism in Russia: Motivation, Values and Forms of Participation p. 11
A. Sokolov, A. Solovieva Civil Mobilization: Mechanisms of Implementation in Contemporary Russia p. 19
A. Donin, A. Nikolaev Social and Cultural Features of the Career of the Regional Leaders p. 24
E. Evstifeeva, S. Rassadin, S. Filippchenkova, S. Ivanov Engineer of the 21st Century: Convergence of Personal, Professional and Social Competencies in Decision- Making Situation p. 33


O. Fomin Civilizational Approach as an Ideological Platform of Political Positioning in the Modern World p. 37
A. Chernyshov Power as a Value p. 42


A. Panesh, A. Shadzhe Global Systems of Forecasting and Management: Achievements and Prospects p. 50
L. Ul'maeva, D. Sidorova Indexes of Consolidated Democracy: Assessment of Efficiency of the Democratic Project in 1990s p. 55
I. Gurova, M. Efremova Measuring of the CIS’s Regional Trade and the Trade Effects of Integration p. 59
Yu. Volkov Formation of the Institute of Finance in Russian Society: Transition from Planning to Subjectivity p. 63
O. Dubrovina The Political Mechanism for the Regional Dimension of Foreign Policy p. 68


A. Egorov Political and Military Characteristics of the Arctic Region of Russia p. 73
O. Lobtsova The Content of the Anticorruption Policy as a Political Process p. 75
M. Eflova Interdisciplinary Approach to the Problem of Social Exclusion of Drug Users p. 79
I. Bernatskikh The Military Sphere of a Society and Ways of Its Development p. 82


A. Vozmitel, P. Kukonkov Social Factors in the Formation of the System of the Local Self-Administration in Russia p. 88
O. Posukhova The Endogenous Factors of Social Mobility in the Rostov Region p. 94
I. Orlova Intersection of Sociology of Knowledge, Sociobiology and Sociology of the Body p. 100
V. Ochirova Corruption in Russia: Condition and Prospects p. 105


S. Narykova To the Question of Initial Theoretical Basis of Paradigm Character Study of Political Power p. 112
Yu. Vasyutin Commercial Profit is not the Motivation for Patriotic Youth Movement p. 117
N. Baranetz, A. Verevkin, A. Gorshkova About the Patriotic Motives in the Activity of Russian Physicists at the Beginning of 20th Century p. 120
K. Egorova The Phenomenon of the Ideologized Science and Premises of Formation of Epistemic Problems in Russian Philosophy and Logic of Science p. 126
N. Kozlova, S. Rassadin Theoretical Construction of Policies and Models of Masculinity in Russian Conservatism in the 19th – Middle 20th Centuries p. 129
R. Matvienko Invention of Neoconservatism: the History of the Concept p. 135


B. Bazarov The State of Genghis Khan and Genghisids p. 138
L. Kuras Japanese Military Mission in Manchukuo: Preparing for the Aggression p. 143


V. Balobaev Transformation of Political System in Poland p. 148
A. Liulkouski, M. Onasz Elections to the European Parliament in the EU Legislation and in the Legislation of the Republic of Poland p. 152
I. Maksimov The Chancellor of the German Empire von B low and his Maneuvering among Political Parties in 1900–1906 p. 157
L. Dodkhudoeva Tajikistan: the Socio- Cultural Code of the Epoch and the Public Islam p. 162


N. Abdullaev, N. Baguzova World Politics as an Expression of the Economic Interests p. 168


Yu. Bogachev, D. Rubvalter, A. Libkind, D. Bogachev, I. Libkind, L. Vasilieva How to Select the Priority Directions of the Development for the Russian Science p. 174
V. Arefieva The Russian Higher Education Institutions in the International Rating Races p. 180


F. Sosenkov The Views of V.N. Tatischev on the National Policy and the Territorial Integrity of the State p. 183
V. Bazarova Gombozhab Tsybikov about the Role of the Mongolian Written Language in the Creation of the Buryat Linguistics p. 187


Yu. Andreev Gas and the Ukrainian Crisis p. 192
Kh. Meyriev Region Stability as a Factor of the Russian Geopolitical Stability in the Caucasus p. 194
M. Aligadjieva The National and Political Elites of Dagestan: the Specifics of their Formation and Activity p. 198

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