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Russian Identity as a Factor of National Security: Direct and Inverse Relationships p. 5


S. Lavrentyev, R. Latypov Neoprincipate as a Model of Political Regime for Post-Soviet States p. 44
A. Maltseva Social Trust in Modern Russia: Diagnosis, Reasons of Crisis, «Treatment» Conditions p. 49
A. Vasil'ev Government Regulation and Youth Labor Market p. 53
E. Drinova National Model of Political Modernization of Russia and Toposes of Politicization of Religion p. 56
M. Katkovа Evaluation of Efficiency of Institutional Transformation of Russian Economy p. 61
I. Gladkov New Vector of the Foreign Trade Links of the Russian Federation? p. 68


K. Gadziev Metamorphoses of Globalization: a Geopolitical Dimension p. 72
A. Brega, I. Kopylov Transnationalization of Political Elite and Influence of this Process on the Sovereignty of the State p. 77
M. Rudenko The Modern Migration and Possible Directions of State Policy at the National and Regional Levels p. 84


Ju. Dorozhkin, F. Damindarova Parties in Modern Russia: Real Political Actors or their Imitation? p. 92
A. Simatov Problems of the Anti-Corruption Policy Implementation in Activities of Executive Bodies of State Power p. 97
O. Tsvetkova State Government System as an Element of Political and Territorial Structure  p. 101
E. Maykova, E. Simonova The Problem of Using the Election Mechanism in Formation of Bodies of Local Self-Government in Modern Russia p. 105
A. Sokolov, A. Vlasova Volunteer Resource of the Society`s Development p. 110
S. Bashayeva, L. Belonogova, E. Nagatkina Russia and China: Young People, Culture, Education p. 115


A. Zakirova Internet-Technologies in Interethnic Communication p. 119
V. Vorobyov, O. Golubovskaya, C. Eremina The Role of Regional Brands in Formation of Regional Identity and Image of Territory p. 122
S. Afanas'eva Formation of Intercultural Communicative Competence of Foreign Military Men at Educational Institutions of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation p. 128


Yu. Matafonova Management of a Federative State: Basic Institutions of a Federative System p.  133
N. Dergunova, V. Nasybullova Contradictions of Integrational Policy of the European Union and the Russian Federation on the European Part of the Post-Soviet Territory p. 136
V. Bazarov Foreign Economic Relations of Mongolia in the 21st Century p.  140
O. Dubrovina The Regional Dimension of the Foreign Policy: Historiography of the Problem p. 144


Yu. Byuraeva System of Indicators of Strategic Planning of the Development of the Social Sphere in a Region p. 148
M. Blokhina, L. Grigor'ev Problems and Prospects of the Development of the Third Sector in the Tver Region p. 153


A. So Legal Regulation of Freedom of Conscience and Freedom of Religion in the Sakhalin Region p. 160
I. Tsyrempilova, I. Butukhanova Orthodox Collection of the National Museum of the Republic of Buryatia as the Source of Orthodox History on the Territory of Buryatia p. 163


N. Il’inova Axiological Aspect of Social Life in the Light of Social and Humanitarian Knowledge p. 168
K. Egorova The Theory of Reflection as the Basis for Epistemological Research in the USSR p. 171
E. Fedoseeva The Place of Theology in the Russian Education System p. 174


J. Sarkarova On Some Features of the 1994 Constitution of the Republic of Dagestan p. 177
T. Мitina, S. Mitin New State Educational Policy and Teaching in the 1920s p. 182
A. Kobzev The Local Self Government of Tatar Mahallah in 1940s–1980s p. 185
V. Borzenko Higher Theological School in the Education System of Russia in 1869 (the Reform of the Academies) p. 189
S. Kuras The Problem of Prisons' Supply in Pre-revolutionary Russia p. 194
T. Kobzeva The Role of Zemstvo Institutions of the Middle Volga Region in the Development of Entrepreneurship in the Handicraft Industry in the Second Half of the 19th – Early 20th Centuries p. 197


K. Shneyder The Historian and Economist Ivan K. Babst p. 206


V. Smirnov Informal Dimension of Political Process in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia: the Main Trends p. 211
R. Emirov Diaspora of the Caucasian Peoples in the Countries of the Middle East p. 217


P.Aleshkin Strategically Wide Concept of War p.  222

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