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Российской академии наук

Власть 01 за 2010 г.

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Table of Contents

The Tribune

S. Kuznetsov Social and Political Rationale for the Development Program of the State and Civil Service in a Constituent Territory ... 4


V. Dines, A. Fedotov The Russian Statehood in the Context of Modernization  ... 9
P. Simush Russian Modernity:  Philosophical Discourse ... 15
A.Kiryushin Modernization in the Light  of Analysis of Virtual Aspects of Modern Economics ... 20

Political Processes and Practices

V. Lobko, R. Wulfovich Functional and Territorial Challenges in Local Government Developmen ... 25
T. Mordasova Factors of Public Participation Development in Public Politics of Modern Russi ... 30
N. Lukashova Cooperation of the Ombudsman on Human Rights in a Constituent Territory of the Russian Federation with Local Subdivisions of Federal Public Authorities ... 34
M. Molokova Programme Requirements of «A Just Russia» Party ... 38


C. Podyachev Legal Regulation of Citizens`  Addresses Consideration in the Context of Political Transformation in Russia ... 41
A. Ermolaeva Documenting of Government Bodies’ Activitie ... 46
N. Azarov International Agreements on Migration and Human Rights ... 50
A. Rozhkov Development of Transport Infrastructure in the Light of Public Policy ... 53

Ideas and Meanings

M. Yurchenko Authority and Freedom: Antitheses  to Liberalism and Marxism .... 57
G. Zhigunova  Tolerance as a Value of Civil Society ... 60
A. Tsaryov Social Innovation as Universal Source of Social Existence ... 64
V. Vostrikova The Power in the Representation of the Russian Liberals in the beginning of the 20th c.   ... 67


A. Surovitskaya Leisure of Youth in Provinces of Russia as a Component of Municipal Youth Policy  ... 70

Ethnoses and Confessions

R. Gibadullin Post­Soviet Discourse of Nation as a Problem of Interethnic Unity in Russia ... 74
R. Nurullina Tolerance Formation in the Process of Confessional Socialization of Muslim Youth ... 79
S. Astapova Forms of New Religious Movements as a Basis for Their Classification ... 82
L. Kal’mina Nonindigenous Ethnic Groups  in Transbaikal Region as Subject of the Russian Autocracy’s Ethnic Policy ... 86

Peasantry in Russia

E. Krasinets, D. Kuz’min Estimates of Systemic Deformation in Rural Economics in Russia ... 91

Security and Society

V. Shiryaev Cultural Security and Cross­Cultural Dialogues ... 95
P. Kornilov Transformation of Image of Caucasian War in Modern Mass­Media of Russia ... 100
Kirsanov Afghanistan as State of Narcotic Drugs ... 104


A. Ulyanich Development of Border and Customs Control on the Borders of the Russian Empire in the 19th  c ... 108
E. Sofinskaya System of Parish Schools in Saratov Region in the second half of the 19th – the beginning of the 20th  ... 112
N. Veretennikov Court Martial and the First Russian Revolution ... 115

 Foreign Experience

I. Drobotenko Foreign Models of Local Self­ Government as an Example for Russia ... 119
E. Inozemtseva «The Women’s Question» after Triumph of the Islamic Revolution in Iran .... 123


A. Nikitin Russian­Albanian Dialogue as a Factor of Stability at Balkans ... 126



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