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«Гуманитарий Юга России» №4 2013

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To readership p. 9

Modern Russian society

Volkov U.G., Barkov F.A., Posukhova O.U., Serikov A.V., Chernous V.V. Social well-being and social inequality in the Rostov region p.12
Ponedelkov A.V., Starostin A.M., Shvets L.G. Modern Elitology: the Cognitive Discourse p. 33
Imgrunt I.I. The potential and the practice of political elites in the social space of the Russian society p. 48

Philosophy and society

Kurbatov V.I. Virtual communication, virtual network thinking and virtual language p. 56
Matyash T.P. Verbal nihilism in modern society p. 69

Culture and Globalization

Branskij V.P., Oganyan K.M., Oganyan K.K. Globalization and universal values .p. 78
Komissarov S.N. Sociocultural factors identification p. 89

Methodological problems of socio-humanitarian cognition

Hunagov R.D. Social changes and the postmodern: the question of rethinking the field of Ethnological Studies p. 106

Higher education: problems and prospects

Gerasimov G.I. Cognitive- developmental paradigm: innovative measurement of transformation in education p. 117
Skoryk A.P. Platov cossack’s page in the search model of educational research and historic right reserved p. 135

History of Eurasia

Magamadov S.S. The key problems of the history of the North Caucasus nation: 1920–1930's. 20 century: achievements and controversial issues p. 145


Silantieva M.V. Vodenko K.V. Religion and science in European culture: dynamic of the relationship of cognitive practices: monograph. Novocherkassk: Publ. «Lick». 2012 p. 156

Scientific life

Civilization knowledge and education: challenges of the XXI century (мaterials of roundtable) p. 160
Some results of the International scientific-practical conference "Trust in the process of constructing the geopolitical and national identities in the context of the establishment and development of the Eurasian Union" p. 174

Books submitted to the Journal p. 178

The collective of authors p. 189

Rules for authors p. 191

Index of materials published in the journal «Humanities of the South of Russia» in 2013 year p. 194


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