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«Гуманитарий Юга России» №3 2014

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To readership p.11

Modern Russian society

Volkov U.G., Barkov F.A., Posuchova O.U., Serikov A.V., Chernous V.V. The sociological portrait of Belorechensk municipal district: summary of the results of empirical research p.14
Dzutse H.V., Zoloeva Z.B., Dibirova A.P. Values and orientations of the citizens Republic of North Ossetia - Alania North - Caucasus federal districts p.38
Lukichev P.N. Demographic and migratory Processes in the Rostov Region at the turn of the Century p. 49
Tarasenko L.V. The influence of higher education for career management of students (for south Russia materials) p. 59

Philosophy and society

Bilalov M. I. The formation of philosophy of the Dagestan p. 67
Vodenko K.V. Modern social and economic policy: cultural and philosophical foundations p. 77
Kashirin V.I. Humanitarian krizisologiya: origins and specificity (continued) p. 90
Polomoshnov A.F. Integral truth and creativity: the view of Russian philosophy p.97

Language and Culture

Bagreeva E.V. The Russian speaking community in Norway: The history of its formation and the particularities of its adaptation processes p. 106
Nemchina V.I. The dominant strategy for the identification and production of collectivities p.121

Socio-political and ethnic processes in the South of Russia

Barkov F.A., Serikov A.V. Ethnoinstitutional factors of interethnic relations in the context of migration processes in the Rostov region p.129
Yusupova G. I. Regional elite as the political actor of the modern state national politics at the Northern Caucas p.141

Sociology and Management

Oganyan K.M. Formation model and dynamics of intellectual resources organization′s development p.160
Pashchenko U.Y. Corporate PR as a tool for development of corporate culture p.165
Ten J. P. Cultural backgrounds of the international management at the time of globalization p.171

Word of the scientist

Akayev V.H., Dyachenko A.N. Towards a scientific biography of Yuri Zhdanov p.183

Scientific life

Chernous V.V. About outstanding thinker and social activist Ismail-Bey Gasprinsky: outcome of the International Scientific and Practical Conference (Sevastopol, 9-11 June 2014) p.194
Sadko D.O. On the outcome of IX Zhdanovsky readings and VIII International Competition of Scientific Papers them. Y.A. Zhdanov p.199


Dudayti A.K., Dyatlov A.V., Msoeva F.B. Ethno-political processes in the North Caucasus: research approaches VD Dzidzoeva and P.M. Nikaeva p. 204

Books submitted to the Journal p. 208

Rules for authors p. 217


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