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Власть 08 за 2011 г.

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M. Smolin Shock Futurology or the Real Threats for Russia Political Processes and Practices
E. Strigankova Communicative Construction of Interaction between Mass-Media and PR in the Political Sphere of Society
G. Kupryashin Manageability and the Balance of Interests in the Political Modernization Context
A. Matveev Correlation between Informal Institutes and Practices
A. Popandopulo State and Business: New Horizons of Partnership
L. Pastukhova The Youth in the Renewal of Legislative Bodies: Trends and Prospects
Ye. Yefanova Youth Extremism as a Form of Political Protest
E. Chernaya Functionality of Regional Parliament in Modern Russia
T. Razina Social Mechanisms of Management of Investments on Municipal Level
T. Klochkova Overcoming of Functional Illiteracy as the Basic Condition for the Effective Professional Activity of State and Municipal Servants


V. Ochirova Regional Political Elite from the Age- Representation Point of View
I. Yakovleva The Role of the State in Building the Environmentally-Oriented Society in Russia
T. Arsenyeva, M. Zakharov Use of Social Technologies in Election Campaigns
L. Gazizova Experience of Application of the Complementarity Principle in Methodology of Research of Municipal Authority
A. Gogachev Activities of International and Bulgarian Governmental and Humanitarian Organizations on Provision of the Necessary Amenities for Russian Emigrants in Bulgaria in 1920s.
V. Gusev Construction of Social and Economic Prospects of Development of Modern One-Company Town
V. Kopilov Characteristic of the Material and Technical Basis of Institutes of Higher Education in Kurgan Region (1970–1985)
A. Ljulko Image of a City and Factors, Influencing Its Formation V. Makeev National Features in Corporate Cultures
G. Shinyak Portrait Researches of the Leaders and Participants of Amateur Talent Activities
V. Bazarov Deposits of Mineral Resources in Mongolia: Benefits and Threats

Ideas and meanings

G. Allakhverdiev Interrelationship between Humanism and Freedom
A. Gorohov The Cultural and Political Context at the Beginning of the 19th Century and its Influence on Conservative Values Formation in Political Culture of Russia
K. Shneyder Early Russian Liberalism in the Political Dimension

World Order

V. Strugovets The Prospective Fields of Information Policy of the CSTO
G. Peshcherov, I. Egorov Expansion of NATO and National Security of Russia: the Philosophical Aspect
N.-O. Uchral International Recognition of the Independent Status of Mongolia
V. Dovgopol ASEAN-Countries Relations with the World States
I. Jegiev Geopolitical Risks of Ethno-Political Conflicts in Caucasian and Caspian Region
M. Sazonov Forming of Modern Local Self-Government System in Japan after the Second World War.
K. Arkhipova Russian Policy of Provision of Frontier Area Protection in Abkhazia

Domestic experience

S. Kuras Office Work in the Law Enforcement System of Pre-Revolutionary Russia
S. Chistyakov The Concept of the New Jewish National School in the Activity of Bund (1903–1910).
I. Gurlev, S. Kurochkin Organizational and Legal Foundations of State Secret Protection in the First Years of the Soviet Power
G. Alekseev Authority and Market in the Period of NEP (New Economic Policy)
I. Zozulya The Lay Justice Role in the Russian Judicial System and Legal Proceedings at the Beginning of the 20th Century
T. Strelnikova Improvement of Mortgage Credit Repayment Plans in Russia
I. Dronov The Locomotive of Progress or the Beast of Apocalypse: Railroad in Comprehension of Conservatives in the Second Half of the 19th Century
O. Zhukova The Socio-Cultural Policy in the USSR during the Great Patriotic War
P. Poddelkova «Court Pedagogy» as a System of Upbringing the elite of the Russian Empire in the 19th – the beginning of the 20th Centuries


I. Dikarev The Process of Provision of Judiciary Practice Unity in the Criminal Procedure
V. Salakhova Specificity of Social and Psychological Work with Condemned Persons in the Penitentiary System
A. Serebryakova , M. Arzamaskin, M. Varyushin The State-Legal Regulation on Using Human Tissue and Organs for Transplantation Purposes as a Specific Object of the Civil Law

Foreign experience

A. Krukov Foreign Experience of Economic Modernization: Appropriateness of Using it in Modern Russia


P. Marchenya, S. Razin International Roundtable Discussions «Peasantry and Authority in the Russian History in the 20th Century»


A. Nefedjev The Globalization Influence on Modern Jural State Forming
E. Lipatov Opinion on the Monograph of M.A. Lipchanskaya «Participation of Russian Citizens in State Government: Problems of Constitutional and Law Regulation and its Implementation»


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