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Власть 10 за 2012 г.

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Construction of Russia: Challenges and Risks

A. Tkachenko The Demographic Situation and National Economy in Russia in the First Decade of the 21st Century p.4
Yu. Dorozhkin The Urgent Problems of Modernization in the Russian Political System p.10
S. Frolova Potential Risks in Daily Life of the Society p.14
Yu. Vasiliev Factors of Risk under Conditions of Capitalist Modernization in Russia: Cyclical Crises p.18
V. Gusev Russian Mono-Cities: Projects of the Future or Heritage of the Past? p.23

Communications and Society

E. Karpenko Socially Oriented Management in the Semio-sociopsychologic Concept of Social Communication p.28
S. Zadorkina Development of Mass Media in the Context of the Innovative Development of the Modern Society p.32
V.  Ivanova Interaction between Russian Political Parties and Mass Media p.35

Political Processes and Practices

D. Nagdanov The Referendum of Legitimacy-2012: Technologies of Legitimation of the Results of the Russian President`s Elections, part 1 p.37
A. Ivanova To the Question of the Political Discourse Optimization of Parliamentary Parties in the Modern Russia p.40
Tz. Kou Elites in the Context of Modernization in Russia p.43
C. Batuev Relationships between Legislative (Representative) and Executive Bodies in the Constituent Entities of the Russian Federation p.46
Kh. Mullakhmetov Influence of the Culture and Philosophy of an Organization on its Control System p.51

Ideas and Meanings

D. Feldman Russian Political Science in the Mirror of Metaphors p.55
T. Rastimeshina The Cultural Heritage in the Russian Politics of Public Memory p.60
A. Kondriko The Spiritual and Chivalric Aspect of the History of the Zaporozhian Sich p.65

The Centre and Regions

N. Chuvilina Trends of Development of Russian Regional Electoral Processes in the Period of the Power Centralization in the Russian Federation p.69
S. Nedelko, E. Eryomina Innovation Development of Russian Regions and Problems of its Stimulation p.74
O. Plotnikova The Influence of Regionalism on the Development of International Connections of Regions in Federal States p.81
A. Bushuev Regional Model of Youths' Patriotic Education: an Experience of the Post-Soviet Tatarstan (1990s–2000s) p.85
O. Dubrovina The Contribution of The Advisory Board on International and External Economic Connections of the Constituent Entities of the Russian Federation to the Development of International Connections of Regions p.91

Education and Society

E. Demidova, A. Rybkov Modernization of the Education System or the Education for Modernization p.96
N. Denisenkova Reform`s Hermeneutics in the Sphere of Education p.100
T. Proskurina The Vertical of Interaction in Educational System of Belgorod Region p.104


S. Rastorguev The Economic Power of the Deputies of Regional Parliaments p.108
A. Naumov Priorities of the Latvian Foreign Policy at the Modern Stage p.117
A. Karetskiy  Standardization of Accounting and its Impact to Adoption of International Financial Accounting Standards in Russia p.121
G. Cheremin The Monopoly as an Instrument of Power p.125


E. Reutov Potential of Public Activity in Regional Community p.129


I. Dikarev The Report as a Form of Instant Relations in Criminal Process p.134
L. Lobanova, N. Viskov, M. Knyaz’kov On Real and Imaginary Shortcomings of Article 315 of the Russian Federation Criminal Code p.138

Ethnic Groups and Confessions

V. Semenov Increasing of the Role of Russian Orthodox Church in Political and Social Life of Russia at the Turn of the Centuries p.143

World Order

K. Gadgiev Is it a Requiem for a Previous World-Order? p.149
A. Indzhieva Cooperation between the USA and the EU in the International Security System at the Turn of the Centuries p.154

Domestic Experience

A. Glushkov, M. Loukianov “At Home Among Strangers”: Russian Progressive Nationalism in 1915–1917 p.159
D. Shishkin Interethnic Aspects of Changes in the Land Ownership in Saratov Region in the Post-Reform Period p.163
N. Popova Bolshevik`s Food Policy during the First Years of the  Soviet Power in Don Region p.168
D.  Yakovlev The System of Out-Of-School Education in Russia: Continuity of the Historical Experience p.171
V. Bashkuev Soviet Social Eugenics and National Minorities: Eradication of Syphilis in Buryat-Mongolia as an Element of Modernization of a National Region (1923–1930) p.174
L. Kuras Kyahta’s Customs in the First Half of the 19th Cenrury: Smuggling and Struggle against It p.179
S. Bagdasaryan Extrusion of Traditional Festive Culture of the South-Russian Peasantry Organized by the Authorities in 1920s p.183
M. Romashova Growing up Through Work in the USSR in 1940s p.187
M. Butaeva The Role of Women in Public Processes of Dagestan in the Middle Ages p.191

Foreign Experience

S. Ustinkin, E.  Rogozhina The West European Model of Political Leadership p.195
P. Razov Foreign Experience of Social Adaptation of Persons, Dismissed from Military Service, and their Families p.198


О. Mikhailyonok The Review of the Monograph «Social and Political Processes and Values under Conditions of Globalization» p.202
A. Bogatyrev, A. Kuryonishev Russia, which «was the League of Nations for Itself»: Twists of Fate of Russian Emigrants and Re-Migrants in 1920s–1940s. p.206


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