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R. Khunagov Many Identities in the Globalized World p.4

Arrangement of Russia: Challenges and Risks

K. Delokarov, A. Shadzhe, S. Chefranov, E. Kukva Strengthening of the Russian Identity on the North Caucasus in Synergetic Paradigm p.9
O. Yanitsky Protest Movement of 2011–2012: Some Outcomes p.14
E. Degaltseva The Concept of «Alien» in Practices of Extremism p.20
N. Asonov, G. Talina Exogenous Direction of Political Power Development: Lessons and Consequences p.26
V. Novikova Problems of the Modernization of National Economy in Conditions of Innovative Development p.30
I. Bazhin Issues of Professionalization of Public Servants p.34

Communications and Society

A. Nevostrueva Development of a Social Essence of Informational and Communicative Space in the Modern Period p.38
S. Shilina Communication Technologies in the System of Relations between State and Society p.43
M. Dzagiev Crowdsourcing in Informational Technologies in the Process of Political Decision Making p.47
O. Volochaeva Information and Cultural Component of Non-Military Factors of National Security p.50
L. Sanzhieva About Some Factors of Formation of the Information Exchange in the Middle Ages p.53

Political Processes and Practices

S. Mavrodi, A. Ryibakov, A. Pochestnev Social and Humanitarian Education in a Technical Higher School: Problems and Practices p.56
V. Bloshko Problems and Prospects of Using Social and Cultural Technologies in the System of Corporate Management of Educational Institution p.62
A. Savluk Pool of Promising Young Candidates for Public Service: Issues of Forming p.66
G. Abdullaev Conditions of a Social Order Construction in a Modernized Society p.69
R. Khaidarov Condition of Ecology as a Factor of Sustainable Development of a Monotown p.72
M. Makarova Mechanisms of Labour Market Regulation concerning Foreign Migrants p.76


E. Kopayev The Role of the Administration of the President of the RF in Political Process in Modern Russia p.79
V. Gostenina, A. Kiselev, S. Shilina Managerial Factors in the Process of Formation of the Status of a Region p.82
N. Gegedyush Regional Practice of Civil Society Condition Assessment p.86
A. Brega Characteristics of Perception of Political Risk p.91
V. Pazderin Emotional Intellect and Methods of Its Assessment on Example of Analysis of the Negotiation Strategies used by Russian Foreign Minister and State Secretaries of the USA p.96
A. Kalashnikov «Blue Stream» as an Important Factor of the Development of Russian-Turkish Relationships p.100
A. Khaustova Fashion as a Social Phenomenon and Object of Sociological Analysis p.103
A. Ulunyan Disintegration of the UFRY and a Soviet Factor in the US and Albanian Assessments and Scenarios (1970–1972) p.107
N. Filin Study of the Elite’s Conflict in the Modern Iran p.112

Business and Power

M. Matasov Models of Interaction between Large Business Corporations and the State in Regional Format p.116

Church, State, Society

A. Alekseyev Experience of Interaction between the Orthodox Church and the State in Russia at the Beginning of the Third Millennium p.121
V. Katin Holy Scripture and Holy Tradition about Church and Temporal Powers and their Role and Place in Society and State p.125
V. Semenov Orthodoxy against Neoliberalism in the Context of the National Idea Formation in Russian Society p.129

Globalization and Regionalization

O. Plotnikova, O Dubrovina Globalization and Regionalization, and Their Influence on International Cooperation between Regions of Different States p.134
V. Rodionov Mongolia’s National Security in the Context of the Relations with Russia p.137
L. Kuras, B. Tsybenov Mongolia: «Altanbulag» as a Free Trade Zone p.141

Ideas and Meanings

A. Kugay Violence: the Definition from Philosophical Point of View p.145
I. Gurlev Etymology and Genesis of the State Security Term p.149
N. Meshcheryakova Political Freedoms as a Way to Get Away from the Social System Bifurcation Point p.153
B. Panchenko Understanding of Justice in Ideology of Communitarianism p.157
D. Makarov, V. Dronov Dynamics of the Enemy Image in the Modern Films about the Great Patriotic War p.160
Yu. Romashov The Crisis of the Slavic Unity Idea in Russian Society in the late 19th – early 20th Centuries p.164
N. Borisov, V. Volkov Ecological Paradigm as a Basis of Political Ecology p.167
M. Balkoev Guild Socialism in Social and Political Life of England in the End of the 19th – the Beginning of the 20th Centuries p.171

Domestic Experience

O. Bocharova The Activity of Political Departments of the MTS as a Factor of Mechanization of Agricultural Production in 1930s p.173
T. Pankova-Kozochkina, S. Bagdasaryan Soviet Innovations in the Festive Culture of Russian South Villages in the NEP Period p.176
S. Andreev Nontraditional Attempts to Improve Local Finances Made by Self-Government Bodies of Zemstvo in the Volga Region p.180
V. Martyinov Military and Disciplinary Legislation of Russia in the Second Half of the 19th – at the Beginning of the 20th Centuries p.183

Foreign Experience

D. Badaraev Modernization of the Mongolian Society: Social Aspects p.188

Politics in Focus

S. Alikhanova Features of Party Formation in the Republic of Dagestan in the Context of Electoral Processes p.192
K. Ibragimov Ethnic Component Part of Political Processes in the Republic of Dagestan in the Post-Soviet Period p.195
M. Albakov Historical and Political Analysis of Political and Legal Status of the Republic of Ingushetia p.198


S. Bagdasaryan Economic Image of a Village during the NEP p.200
M. Smirnova In Search of a «Golden Key» of Historical Knowledge p.202
А. Likhonosov, A. Sidorov The review of the monograph of J.A. Kharlamova «Russian Railway Complex: Political Analysis» p.205


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