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Власть 09 за 2013 г.

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Construсtion of Russia: Challenges and Risks

L. Nikovskaya, V. Yakimets Problems and Priorities of Public Policy Development in Modern Russia 4
S. Ustinkin, E. Rudakova, N. Morozova Assessment of Efficiency of Russian Ethnic and National Policy 10
A. Shatilov The Innovative Project of Moderni- zation of Russia and the Position of the Ruling Elite 16
D. Rubvalter, Yu. Bogachev, M. Kandokhova Myths about the Russian Academy of Sciences 21
A. Maltseva, P. Sinikina «From What Liberalism Do We Refuse»: on Negative Consequences of Liberalization in Public Life 24
V. Gruzdev Conceptual Bases of Russian National Innovation Policy 27

Political Processes and Practices

E. Kukva To the Issue of Consolidating Role of Educational Space 31
N. Baryishnaya Migration as a Regional Ethnical and Political Factor 35
E. Savrutskaya, S. Ustinkin To the Issue of Necessity to Increase Efficiency of Migration Policy in Russia 39
A. Korobov The Migration Factor of Ethnic Separatism 45
S. Morozov, N. Chernyikh Students as an Innovation Potential of Political Modernization of the State and Society in Russia 47
E. Zharinova Parliamentary Parties in Modern Russia: Particularities of the Youth Policy Realization 50
D. Deyeva Informal Practices in Relations between the Federal Center and Governors 55
Ya. Kayl, V. Epinina Effectiveness as the Main Criteria of Assessment of the Activity of Executive Bodies of the Constituent Entities of the Russian Federation 59


E. Fidrya Transformation of the Political Elites’ Networks in the Republic of Poland in 1993–2013. 64
V. Kazadaev Trends in Development of the Multiparty System and Political Pluralism in Slovakia 69
T. Badmatsyirenov, V. Rodionov Models and Scenarios of International Relations: Russia and Mongolia 74
I. Ryasnov Cultural Cooperation between Russia and China in the 21st Century 79
O. Timofeyev Formation of Public Opinion on Defense Issues 82
D. Kachkov Russian Foreign Policy at the beginning of the 21st Century in the Interpretation of French Newspapers «Le Monde», «Le Figaro» и «La Liberation» 86

Communications and Society

M. Kucheryavy Global Information Society and Security Problems 89
N. Ponomarev Media Framing as the Key Discursive Strategy 93
G. Polyakova Information as a Scientific Category 98
L. Sanzhieva The Development of the International Information Exchange in the 19th Century 102
M. Ermakov The New Formation: a Classless Society or an Informational Capitalism 106

Religion, Society, State

A. Alekseyev The Search of the Church- State Interaction Model in the Post- Christian Society 111
V. Filonov The Start of the Orthodox- Catholic Dialogue and Participation of the Russian Orthodox Church 114
V. Mityipov The Council for Religious Affairs as the Conductor of State Religious Policy in the USSR 117
V. Akhmadullin The Activity of the Soviet State on Involvement of Muslims into the Fight for a Peace in 1940s–1950s.121
N. Filin The Mardzhaat Religious Project of Shiites in Modern Days 125
A. Zenkov Political and Religious Extremism as a Global Threat for Modern Russia 128

Ideas and Meanings

I. Chernova About the Essence of Spiritual Security 130
E. Borodin, M. Prudnikov, G. Popov Management as a Tool of Social Self-management Compensation 134
A. Tyagunov, E. Evstifeyeva, S. Rassadin Insurance: Economy Mode and the Problem of Practical Intellect 138
G. Kuzmin Analytical Opportunities of the Game Theory in Studying Mechanisms of Social Integration and Solving of Conflicts 141
L. Arkhipova Public Schools as the Cradle of the British Elite 145


G. Antonov Demographic Attitudes of Population as the Object of State Demographic Policy 149
L. Rozhkova Social and Cultural Potential of Students in Conditions of Modernization 154
V. Zhalsanova Social and Demographic Characteristics of Rural Population of the Republic of Buryatia 158

Domestic Experience

T. Yudina, V. Bulatov Particularities of Transition (Returning) of Concessions to a Government on the Example of «Lena Goldfields» Concession 161
O. Budeyeva The Regulatory Base of Provincial Government System 165
I. Tselovalnikova Experience of Interaction between Local Self- government and Cooperative Organizations of Peasants 168
M. Gaditskaya Field Lifestyle of Village Machine Operators in the South of Russia in 1930s. 172
V. Ratnikov The Genesis of Fight Against Contraband of Drugs and Psychotropic Substances in the Russian State 176

Focus on Politics

R. Lekov Formation of the New Georgia: Results of Reforms 179
R. Jemirov About Ways to Overcome the System Crisis on the North Caucasus 185
A. Paltsev Global Consequences of the USSR`s Defeat in the Cold War 189


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