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P. Kozyrev, A. Smirnov On the Limits of Political Trust p. 5
V. Markov, A. Brovkova Priorities in Social Policy Regarding Differentiated Consumption p. 10
I. Gladkov International Commodity Trade in 2001–2013: Trends in the Top Group p. 15
P. Ivanov Russia's Budget as an Object of Concentration of Lobby Groups' Interests p. 19
V. Shilov Will «Chicago of the 1930s» Repeat in the Perm Krai (Upper Kama)? p. 23


N. Gegedyush Approaches to Development of Civil Society Institutions: Analysis of Regional Practices p. 28
T. Shirko The Formation of Executive Power in Russia's Regions in 1990s p. 32
D. Pozhilov Political Characteristics of Modern Privatization Process in the Russian Federation p. 37


D. Tsybikdorzhiev, D. Batoeva Success Factors for the Religious Revival in Mongolia p. 40
L. Sayfutdinova National Information Policy in the Sphere of Ethnic Relations p. 44
A. Suzi The Image of the Republic of Karelia: Analysis According to S. Anholt’s Method p. 48
V. Ogorodnikov To the Theory of Research of Cyclic Dynamics of the Russian Elite Circulation p. 51
A. Evlayev Models of Government-business Cooperation in the Development of Railway Transport in Russia p. 55
G. Tsheremin Challenges of State Policy of Reforming Russian Rail Transport p. 59


M. Nazarov On Political and Ideological Views of Russians p. 65
N. Il’inova Socio-humanitarian Knowledge as a Factor of National Security p. 71
A. Chadzhe Memory and Cultural Identity of the Peoples of North Caucasus p. 75
A. Tikhonova Local Management and Regional Genesis of Culture: Problems of Research p. 81
M. Eshev Patriotism in Soviet and Post- Soviet Russia p. 85
E. Aralova To the Origins of Art as a Part of Spiritual Culture of Society p. 89


O. Aksenova Conceptualization of the Notion of Locality in the Western Sociology p. 94
A. Shaov, V. Nekhay Social Integration Potential of Adygean Traditional Culture in the Globalizing World p. 98
G. Nosanenko The Non-commercial Sector in the Cities of Tatarstan: Interaction with Authorities p. 104
V. Stegniy Interrelations between TeachersTable of Contents and Students with Poor Grades p. 107
I. Goryachev The Strategy for the Development of Sub-regional Nodes in the Volga Federal District p. 112


V. Esenova Some problems of the Judicial Power p. 117
L. Gazizova Legal Conflicts in Municipal Authority: Juridical Consequence of Political Practices p. 123


E. Kostyaev The Attitude of A.N. Potresov and his Adherents towards the Brest Peace Treaty p. 130


S. Andreyev Stages of Formation of Credit Cooperatives on the Level of Zemstvo in Russia p. 134
E. Makhantsova The Role of Zemstvo in the Field of Child Charity in the Province of Simbirsk in the Second Half of the 19th – early 20th Centuries p. 137
V. Bashkuev Geopolitics and Eugenics in the Context of the Scientific Study of the Buryat-Mongolian ASSR in the 1920s – early 1930s p. 140
N. Ofitserova Apathy as a Key Strategy in Life of Urban Population during Elections in the Second Half of the 1920s. p. 145
A. Reznik Toward the History of Trotskyist Opposition from Below p. 149
Yu. Prokofiev On the Economic Partnership between the USSR and Countries of Eastern Europe in 1945–1991 p. 152


P. Razov Foreign Experience in Solution of Problems of Retraining and Employment of Retired Military Personnel p. 156
L. Sanzhieva Concerning some Aspects of Japanese Participation in the International Information Exchange in the 1930s p. 161
L. Moiseyeva Tourism in the French Colonial Empire p. 166


E. Reutov Civil Identity in Russian and Ukrainian Societies p. 169
V. Maslikov Axiological Factors of Maidan p. 173


E. Petrunina On the Possibility of Introduction of Juvenile Justice in Russia p. 177


I. Yazhborovskaya The Development of New Reality in Russian-Polish Relations p. 181

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