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Власть 12 за 2014 г.

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Table of Contents


R. Hunagov, Z. Zhade The Education System as an Institution of Civil Identity Formation of Youth p. 5
P. Baryshev Complex Security System in Russia: Methodological Approach p. 9
N. Polivaeva The Current Condition of Political Consciousness of the Russian Citizens: Heterogeneity vs Homogeneity? p. 15
E. Zeletdinova About the Problem of the Social Base of Liberalism in Russia p. 21


A. Vasilyev The Youth Labor Market in 1992–2014 p. 31
N. Dergunova, L. Lukicheva Educational Capital as a Factor of Emigration of Graduating Students of Russian Provincial Universities p. 35
O. Makarova Modern Trends in Political Participation of Youth p. 39
I. Polozhentseva, T. Kashchenko The Concept of Historical Memory and Actualization of Personal Historical Memory of the Students p. 42
E. Savrutskaya, S. Ustinkin, M. Fedorova The Attitude of Young People to Religion p. 47
E. Degaltseva, E. Razgonyaeva The Perception of Young People of the Political Information in the Internet about the Events in Ukraine p. 53
A. Sokolov, A. Vlasova Charity in the System of the Russian Civic Activity p. 56
N. Zimina The Analysis of Political Parties and Public Associations in the Party Systems p. 62


O. Plotnikova International Relations between States and International Connections of their Regions: Common and Specific Features p. 65
O. Tsvetkova The Political Space in Regional Dimension: Centre and Periphery p. 70
E. Makarenkov Development of Megalopolis: Public Participation as a Political Problem p. 74
L. Eremina Youth Creativity as a Basis of the Social and Cultural Interaction between Russia and China p. 79
T. Morozkina Correlation of the Linguistic Identity Models in Russian and Chinese Cultures p. 83
V. Bazarov Mongolia in the Transition Period in the late 20th Century p. 89


A. Tikhonov, I. Verevichev, A. Tikhonova Forecasting as a Factor of the Social Management: Cognitive and Personal Psychological Aspects p. 93
E. Kriukova Democratization: its Factors and Effectiveness p. 97
A. Smetanin «Applause from the Center, Left and Right Sides»: the Universal Values of the Russian Political Forces at the Beginning of the 20th Century p. 101
A. Schernyh Political Lie as a Power-Keeping Mechanism p. 105
N. Baranetz, A. Verevkin, S. Marasova Metamorphoses of the Image of Ideology in Science (Positions of Foreign Mathematicians) p. 108
A. Troshin Economic Risks: the Historical and Philosophical Analysis p. 113
D. Sofjin Grand Prince Sergey Alexandrovich and the Jewish Question p. 117


G. Romashkina, V. Davydenko Socio-Cultural Basis of the Institutional Trust p. 122
A. Bardin, A. Kokareva, E. Mikhailova Civil Society in Russian Mass-Media Discourse p. 130
A. Eregina Typological Analysis of the Professional Development of the Public Civil Servants: Substance, Features, Factors p. 139


J. Sarkarova Changes in Constitutional-Legal System of the Republic of Dagestan p. 147
R. Ishmurzin About the Guarantees of the Compensation Rights for Russian Military Men in Situations of Harms to Life or Hearth p. 151
P. Dudin Legal Basis of the Japanese Economic Policy on the Occupied Territories of the North-East China p. 155


N. Podpriatov, A. Poperechnaya Some Problems of Medical Care in the Ethnic Troops of the Russian Army during the World War I p. 160
D. Fadeev Youth Conflicts in Simbirsk Province during World War I (1914 – February 1917) p. 165


T. Kuras The History of Establishment and the General Characteristics of the St. Petersburg Judicial Chamber (1866–1917) p. 169
T. Kobzeva Zemstvo Small-Loan Offices and the Development of Market Relations in the Provinces of the Middle Volga Region in the Early 20th Century p. 173
E. Makhantsova The Role of the Zemstvo Financing in the Development of the Charities of the Simbirsk Province in the Second Half of 19th – Early 20th Centuries p. 178
I. Falaleeva The Practices of the Legal Pluralism and the Affirmative Action in the Management of Communities of Volga-Don Region in the 19th Century p. 183
A. Komilov The Relationship between Economic and Social Problems during the Implementation of the New Economic Policy p. 188
Yu. Dzhabrailov Lessons of the Soviet Religious Policy in the North Caucasus p. 193


S. Titarenko, V. Nekhai Existential Intelligence Coalition of V. Solovyov and N. Berdyaev and the Modern Russian Idea p. 198


E. Kukva The North Caucasus Region as a Space of Socio-Cultural Risks p. 203
R. Emirov Ethno-National Factor of the Relationships between the Caucasus and the Middle East States p. 207
A. Burova, A. Khodunov Factors and Dynamics of the Support to the Islamic Regime in Iran p. 212


S. Ustinkin Round Table Discussion «Actual Problems of Eurasian Security» p. 216


A. Kirsanov How to Make a Website for a Magazine Quickly and not Expensive p. 220


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