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Social-Natural History. Selected lectures I-XVI schools (1992-2007)

Social-Natural History. Selected lectures I-XVI schools (1992-2007) / Ed. E.Kulpin (Kulpin-Gubaidullin)/ -M.: KomKniga. 2007.

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Social-Natural History. Selected lectures I-XVI schools (1992-2007) / Ed. E.Kulpin (Kulpin-Gubaidullin)/ -M.: KomKniga. 2007.


The research method of Socio-natural History is the systemic analysis of historical processes. Socio-natural History is a scientific discipline at the joint of humanities and natural sciences, using original methodology and studying interrelation, interaction and mutual influence of processes, phenomena and events in the life of society and Nature. The general turn of researchers to the phenomenon of mentality (which has deep historical roots is an ultimate aim of researches in SNH) agrees with the research priorities of the United Nations in the XXI century. These priorities were embodied, first of all, in the most fundamental international research of the present and near future of the Planet issued within the framework of the Program of the United Nations on environment UNEP - the second Report on environmental conditions under the project GEO-2. In this report mentality is for the first time mentioned as a primary factor in overcoming present global eco-social crisis, and recent Russian official documents for the first time have characterized the situation on the Planet as an eco-social crisis.

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social-natural history


Кульпин-Губайдуллин Э.С., Kulpin-Gubaidullin E.


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