The 18th ISA World Congress of Sociology «Facing an Unequal World: Challenges for Global Sociology» (13-19 July 2014, Yokohama, Japan)

На конгрессе с докладами выступят:

  • Горшков М.К., Тюрина И.О. Тема доклада: «Youth Studies in Russia under the context of globalization»; «Civil Society and Civic Culture in Modern Russia: Experience of Sociological Diagnostics»;
  • Данилова Е.Н. Тема доклада: «Changing Nature of Individualization in Post-Communist Countries»; «Inequality, Social Justice and Transformative Change in Russia and China: Who Feels Better in Big Cities?»;
  • Епихина Ю.Б. Тема доклада: «Class Position As a Determinant of Learning Skill Acquisition in Russia's Secondary Schools»;
  • Колесникова Е.М. Тема доклада: «Preschool Teachers in a Changing Institutional Context: Reforms and Prospect of Professional Group;
  • Константиновский Д.Л. Тема доклада: «Chair and Paper-giever. Expansion Of Higher Education: Demand, Supply and Differentiation Of Universities»;
  • Мансуров В.А. Тема доклада: «Sociology of Professions and Professional Groups»;
  • Семенова В.В. Тема доклада: «Construction of Solidarity through Language Mode: Sociocultural Approach to Internet Discussion Forum»;
  • Чередниченко Г.А. Тема доклада: «Young Workers: Accumulation Of Educational Resources and Professional Trajectories»;
  • Черныш М.Ф., Мансуров.В.А. Тема доклада: «Social Justice in a Changing Society. Social structure and stratification»; 
  • Шилова В.А. Тема доклада: «"Cellular Globalization" and Communicative Inequality».